Holiday Gift Guide: Customized Golf Balls

One of the coolest “One more thing” type of Christmas presents is personalized golf balls.

Whether it’s the player’s goal (e.g: Golf balls with the number 36 or 79 on them, depending on their “Some day I want to shoot…” goal), their company, nickname or last name, customized golf balls are awesome for avid players.

GolfSmith, for one, is currently selling Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X golf balls for $39.99 per dozen, including customization:

Custom Golf Balls
GolfSmith: Personalized Golf Balls

If you are looking to get customized golf balls for an avid golfer, and if you do not know what kind of ball they typically play, you cannot go wrong with the Pro V1 or Pro V1X. The Pro V1 is the most played golf ball on the PGA Tour, but is also the most expensive golf ball on the market. It is a treat to play them, and finding one in great shape during a round of golf will sometimes even be referred to as finding “White gold.”

How do you know if the Pro V1 or Pro V1X is the right ball for somebody? It’s simple: The Pro V1 has more spin, and therefore more control around the greens, but also spins more off the club face off the tee which for someone who is not as accurate off the tee can be a problem. The Pro V1X has less spin off the club face and is said to go a little farther. This means it is meant to be a more accurate golf ball off the tee, but will not spin as much on the green. If the person you are buying for has accuracy issues off the tee (like me), then the Pro V1X is the right ball for them. If they are always straight down the middle and are able to spin the ball with their irons and wedge shots, then the Pro V1 is the right ball for them. Typically, lower handicap players (e.g: Tour players) will play the Pro V1 while amateur golf enthusiasts will play the Pro V1X.

TaylorMade also has a great golf ball that rivals the Pro V1 and Pro V1X called the Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X. The X refers to the same spin/control properties as it does in the Pro V1 vs. Pro V1X situation, and they cost about the same as the Pro V1 line of golf balls.

Looking for a really good golf ball at a lower price point? A great place to start there is the NXT and NXT Tour line of balls from Titleist. The “Tour” label takes over for the “X” with this golf ball.

Another great site to find deals on personalized golf balls is Rock Bottom Golf. Rock Bottom Golf is a great site for getting huge deals on golf balls, apparel and equipment, similar to my personal favorite, The Golf Warehouse.

Rock Bottom Golf: Custom Logo Golf Balls

The Golf Warehouse: Personalized Golf Balls

Rock Bottom Golf and The Golf Warehouse both specialize in discontinued products and overruns, which leads to great savings for the end user. The issue with apparel through these, though, is that often they do not have the right sizes that you are looking for. BUT, if you can find clothing you really like, and it is in the size you need, they are absolutely awesome sites (The Golf Warehouse, especially, is a great source for Ashworth Golf apparel).

The Golf Warehouse: Ashworth Golf Apparel

But, I digress. Back to custom golf balls!

Find out if the person you are buying them for has a favorite number, or number of golf significance, or a nickname they would like on the golf balls they play. Or, be funny with it! A friend of mine actually got his dad golf balls that read, “If found, please return to Paul Nelson, locker 110” (not the right locker number, I’m sure, but you get the point).

Another great example is from the golf blog of Dan Perry, who has not posted much recently but had some great material up until 2012:

Dan Perry: "Find a Golf Ball?"
Dan Perry: “Find a Golf Ball?”

Dan Perry: Find a Golf Ball?

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