North Hills Country Club’s New Membership Promotion

It’s mid-February, and that means one thing: Spring is close, and so is the 2016 Midwest golf season! It’s time to start thinking about where you want to play, and my home course of North Hills Country Club has unveiled a terrific new-member promotion that will last through July of this year.

The membership promotion allows prospective new members to trial North Hills at a reduced monthly rate for 24 months, along with a deferred down-stroke that can be reduced considerably if paid by the end of July 2016.

Payments for new members do not start until April 1, so if we have an early Spring (yes, please) then that is free membership time for the sake of the promotion.

Food and beverage minimums are insignificant at just $750 per year (nothing monthly or quarterly), and the club offers an excellent dining experience including traditional Friday fish fries (cod, perch, walleye).

North Hills is all about the golf experience, though, and you will be hard pressed to find many private clubs in the state that have a better course or conditions.

Both new and current members can benefit by this promotion, which I have outlined below:

2016 NHCC Membership Fees

For example, I have a 23-year-old friend who recently joined: [$223/month – 40/month credit for 24 months] = $183/month! His initiation fee (down-stroke) was also reduced to $1000 for being paid before August 1. This same cost structure applies to new members up to the age of 33.

For a 36-year-old family member (all members of the family have full golf memberships): [$416-60] = $356/month, with a $2000 initiation fee.

For a 45-year-old individual member: [$446-80] = $366/month, with a $3000 initiation fee.

So what’s in it for me? A) I love North Hills Country Club, and I want others to enjoy the same experience, and B) The referral program also applies the same monthly credit for 24 months to the referrer, so if you are reading this and saying “That’s a no-brainer to join,” then I would also receive monthly credits to my account for referring you.

And I can use all the financial help possible this year! Since my last post, I have gotten engaged and we are in the process of closing on a home on the course.

Email me at if you have any questions about the program!


For additional information and color around the current membership promotion, please visit the following link / e-packet:

NHCC e-packet

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