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We have all stared at that 40-yard long green wondering how far we actually need to hit our shot to stick it close. You have already walked plenty of miles in the day, and the last thing you need is to pace off extra distance to the 150-yard marker and slowly trudge back to your golf ball.

With a quick glance at your wrist, you can know the front, middle and back of the green distances. You see the pin tucked right in the front corner so you pull out your 7-iron instead of your 6, and stick it to 3 feet. Making the putt is of course another story, but at least you have a chance. This ideal scenario can be brought to you thanks to the Shot Scope v3 conveniently situated on your wrist. 

Setting Up 

Getting the watch set up for the first time is really easy. I charged it up while downloading the Shot Scope app on my phone, quickly created an account and followed the onscreen instructions to pair the watch in just 10 seconds.

I searched and found all the local courses I play and marked them to sync to the watch. Now that I had the watch set up, next was my clubs. The Shot Scope V3 comes with 16 plastic tracking tags that screw into the top grips of your clubs. They were easy to install but required a little force to screw in. These tags help track your shots on the course. I will explain more later on in the review.  

Out on the course 

The fit and feel of this watch is really nice. It is about the size of an Apple watch, the band is comfortable and plenty breathable for hot days, and the display is bright and easy to read.


When you get to the course, Shot Scope recommends getting the watch up and running about 5 minutes before hitting the first tee. This gives it time to find the GPS satellites and identify the course you’re on. I had no issues with the watch connecting and was easily able to pick the 9 holes I was starting on (I was playing a 27-hole course at Evergreen in Elkhorn, Wisconsin).

I walked up to the first hole and glanced down at my watch. I had all the accurate yardages that aligned with the tee marker and even had a little warning indicator that let me know about hazards that were out of sight down the fairway.

As soon as I pulled out my driver the watch recognized the tag on top and displayed a “D” on the watch. Throughout the round I found myself using it to get distances to the front, middle and backs of greens. It was nice not having to pull my rangefinder out and scan to pick up different objects to guess distances. 



Throughout the round I double-checked distances the watch was displaying by using a rangefinder and on-course markers. I never found it to be off by more than 5 yards.

I think this accuracy is absolutely phenomenal and perfect for me to make decisions while playing. I never lost the signal and the watch smoothly transitioned from hole to hole. I cannot say the same about my playing partner’s watch of another name brand…. He asked me for distances on every hole as his watch was constantly disconnecting or could not find our course.

I would recommend having a rangefinder in the bag to supplement the watch in some instances. For example, to get an exact pin number on a short shot or if you need the slope adjustment on a par 3. My recommendation is that you pair it with a Shot Scope Pro L1 for the winning combination of distance finders for your round – you can check out my review of the Pro L1 for more information (coming soon).

After Round Stats 

Not only is this watch providing you real-time distances on the course, but it’s tracking exactly what you’re doing throughout the round. Remember those tracking tags I mentioned? The watch is constantly picking up what club you used, where you walked to between your shots and then summarizes all the data for you.

After you download your data to the app you can take a look at an awesome aerial view of all your shots, including distance and GPS location on the course. I found most of the data to be right on after review. There were a couple shots that were off distance-wise, but I am not someone who needs every piece of data in order to know what happened during a round. The watch and tags provide more than enough summary data for you to know how you played and the average distances you hit.   


The watch also keeps score for you automatically, which I found to be somewhat accurate depending on if you are picking up gimmes or putt the occasional ball back to someone from the hole. I wouldn’t count on it being your official scorecard, but you can easily make edits after the round if you want an official record. I clipped some pictures from the app to show you a post round summary:

Aerial view of shots in the Shot Scope App
Scorecard view in the Shot Scope App


Do I really need this? 

I have never been someone to wear a watch when I golf, but after trying this out for the first time last week I will be wearing it every time I play. It did not get in the way of my swing at all and I loved having all the data right on my wrist.

Especially for the price point, this is one piece of gear I think is absolutely worth the money. The data on the course alone is such a help, but when paired with the tracking tags and after-round data it is an awesome piece of golf equipment… Any golfer would love having this on their wrist! 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about this as a replacement for my old Game Golf system. Might just put this under the tree for myself his year!

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