“Roll” Back

Rolling the golf ball back. The average drive of your every day male golfer is 214 yards, with his swing speed coming in around 93 mph. The leading driver of the ball on the PGA tour is Tony Finau at an average of 327 yards with a swing speed of 124 mph. His backswing is also about as short as a 80 year old golfer.

Club Review: Callaway Apex Line

Golf Club Review of Callaway’s Apex line of clubs; Apex CF 16, Apex Pro 16 and Apex Hybrid.

Product Review: Callaway GBB Epic

Product Review by John Ziemer of the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero

Meet the Writer: John Ziemer

My friend, John Ziemer, will be joining me as an equipment writer for WiscoGolfAddict.

John and I have become good friends over the past year since he joined North Hills Country Club, and in listening to him talk so passionately about equipment and golf technology, I know he will be the perfect fit to provide both equipment reviews and commentary on competitive golf and everything else related to our great game.