Swing Analysis & Training Aids

DIY: How to Build the Indoor Golf Simulator Space of Your Dreams
"No longer do we need to set aside 4+ hours to complete an 18-hole round or wait for the cold, snowy Midwest winters to turn to green grass in the spring, and the comradery and friendships we grow by having these small competitions in shorter durations will hopefully help grow …
The Stack System: Who Wouldn’t Want More Distance?
Owner of Wisconsin Golf Academy and #WiscoGolfAddict Contributor Paul Mindel introduces the Stack System, a revolutionary speed training program used by top players around the world to add serious distance.
The 2023 PGA Merchandise Show: An Industry on Fire
This year's PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida truly reflected the incredible momentum behind the golf industry today and shined as what can only be described as a pre-COVID-like event.
PGA Show 2023 Recap: Exciting Products and Show Happenings!
Troy's recap of some of the great products and experiences from last week's 2023 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida!
ShadeTee: Golf’s Portable Umbrella
Discount Code: WISCO10 (10% off) Stay cool while working on your golf game with the ShadeTee umbrella. Portable enough to take anywhere and durable to withstand years of use, this is a great addition to any range kit.
Divot Daddy
Get your Divot Daddy mat here Short of having a camera your divot is going to be the best way to look back and see what happened with your shot. The Divot Daddy training aid will let you practice indoor and out all season long to perfect your swing path …
RypStick & RypRadar: Accelerate Your Swing Speed for More Yardage
Discount Code: WISCO (5% off) Looking for the best way to dial up your swing speed and get the actual results the salesmen promised you on that new driver you got for Christmas? Rypstick, especially paired with the Rypradar, will lead you to the results you want to be hitting …
Delta Putt: The Training Aid to Fix Your Putting Woes
Get your Delta Putt training gear on Amazon Are you like almost every other golfer who could use some help with their putting stroke and accuracy? If so, the Delta Putt putting stroke aide could be just the tool to help you play more confidently on the greens in 2022.
Shot Scope V3 Golf Watch: Everything You Need On Your Wrist
Discount Code: WISCO (10% off) Get all the GPS distances to front/middle/backs of greens, hazards and more, along with all the statistics you can watch conveniently from the comfort of a wrist wearable the size of an Apple Watch with the Shot Scope V3.
OptiShot 2: The Affordable Indoor Golf Simulator for All
Shop OptiShot Golf on Amazon If you're looking for a golf simulator system to get you up and swinging in the comfort of your own home this golf off-season, the OptiShot 2 provides a comprehensive experience complete with swing metrics, 15 courses including Torrey Pines and Bethpage Black, and everything …
Live View Pro: Your Extra Set of Eyes
Discount Code: wiscogolf ($40 off) The Live View Pro was so easy to use, fast to set up and provided instant feedback that I could review and adjust in real time. If you are looking to invest in something to help you practice and you want something that is simple …
Goodstick Golf Alignment Sticks
Get your Goodstick Golf alignment sticks here For around $20, alignment aids can be a terrific stocking stuffer for the golfer in your life, or for you. Goodstick Golf has some of the game's best alignment sticks, featuring magnetic tops, pointed ends and a professional looking product that sits in …
Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor: Dial in Your Game Inside or Out
Get your Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor here Especially for under $500, the Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is an award-winning game improvement product that can help golf enthusiasts better understand their swing and work to make it better. The most accurate mobile unit on the market, it's intuitive and compact – …
Arccos Caddie: Maximum Game Improvement Thru Advanced Stats
Discount Code: WISCO (10% off) One of my favorite pieces of golf equipment, Arccos Caddie uses artificial intelligence and in-depth data analysis to help golfers improve their game and course strategy. The average new user of the system drops 5.2 shots from their average 18 holes in one year. I've …
Club Champion: Milwaukee Golfers’ New Secret Weapon
WiscoGolfAddict Contributing Writer Nick Zellmer shares his thoughts on the newest member of the Milwaukee area's golf community: Club Champion at Brookfield Square. For $350, is the Full Bag Fitting worth the price tag? Nick touches on value as well as what to expect from the experience.