The 2nd Annual Friends of Frank Wisconsin Dells Golf Weekend

This weekend was our second annual “Friends of Frank” golf trip to the Wisconsin Dells. “Who’s Frank,” you’re asking? Frank is my cousin who lives in the Dells area and is an avid golfer, much like myself. Frank loves great food and courses, and spending quality time with friends and family. Needless to say, we getContinue reading “The 2nd Annual Friends of Frank Wisconsin Dells Golf Weekend”

Wisconsin’s Best Par 5 Holes By Paul Seifert

Wisconsin’s 10 Best Par 5 Holes By Paul Seifert

Wisconsin’s 10 Best Par 5 Holes

Too often people look at par fives as the holes they need to survive in order to save their score. Not me. As anyone who has golfed with me can attest to, I love par fives. I love that I can have one bad shot, and still have a good chance for par. Sometimes it is theContinue reading “Wisconsin’s 10 Best Par 5 Holes”

Wisconsin’s Best Par 3 Holes

There is no more exciting hole in golf than a well-made par three. Great par threes begin with imagination, and are cultivated to provide a challenging one-shot experience interlaced with fantastic aesthetics, and occasionally options. This article is dedicated to the par threes that I will never forget, and will be an ongoing examination of theContinue reading “Wisconsin’s Best Par 3 Holes”

The Anticipation of a Great Golf Weekend: Northern Bay Preview

Have you ever had a weekend planned that you were so psyched for, you could barely contain your excitement? This is one of those weekends for me. Ask the guys on my sales team, and they will probably tell you that I have not contained my excitement well at all. Tomorrow, a couple of friends andContinue reading “The Anticipation of a Great Golf Weekend: Northern Bay Preview”