Blue Tees Player Pack: The Ultimate Golf Accessories Collection

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The Blue Tees Player Pack is the ultimate golf accessories package! An incredible rangefinder, powerful speaker, magnetic hub and premium divot tool make this something all golfers need.

G-Tech Hand Warmers: Heated Convenience On Your Side

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Used by the pros, G-Tech's electric handwarmers are the perfect accessory to allow #Wisconsin golfers and sportsmen to keep playing the games we love even in the bitter cold.

Galway Bay: The World’s Best All-Weather Apparel

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The #1 rain gear in golf, Galway Bay rain jackets and pants are teflon lined and literally bounce water right off of you. They're not cheap, but they' look great and are comfortable, waterproof, windproof and are the best made all-weather golf gear players can buy today. An incredible luxury for Wisconsin & Midwest players, making this gear a wonderful Holiday gift suggestion.

Live View Pro: Your Extra Set of Eyes

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The Live View Pro was so easy to use, fast to set up and provided instant feedback that I could review and adjust in real time. If you are looking to invest in something to help you practice and you want something that is simple then this is the product for you. I will definitely be keeping this in my bag for the range and think it will get plenty of use during the season. 

Wuru: High-End Woolen Golf Apparel & Accessories

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I am now all about the wool baby! Wuru has convinced me that this material is going to work well for me on the course. I think the combination of the merino and nylon makes the perfect feel and stretch to the fabric in these products. I can see myself wearing this zip-up to the course and straight into the clubhouse after. The look and feel of wool is so timeless and classic that this will stay current in your wardrobe for a long time. 

The Bushnell Wingman Bluetooth Speaker with GPS

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One of my all-time favorite golf-related products, the Bushnell Wingman bluetooth speaker & GPS unit is maybe the best/easiest gift I can recommend for a golf enthusiast - as long as they don't hate the concept of music on the course.

Redvanly Apparel: The Intersection of Fashion & Comfort on the Course

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The most comfortable golf clothes I've worn, Redvanly is a premium golf brand with amazing materials and great looks.