2015 Golf Season in Review

My 2015 Golf Season in Review, including my favorite courses, best and most challenging holes and brief summary.

Golf Course Review: Lawsonia Links

  Note to the reader: Lawsonia’s magnificent Links course was significantly altered in 2014 to eradicate almost all trees from the course. It now looks almost nothing like it does in the photos from this review. I am keeping this article active as the precursor to a study on the effects of tree removal onContinue reading “Golf Course Review: Lawsonia Links”

Golf Course Review: Lawsonia Woodlands

At the mention of Lawsonia, most golfers immediately default to thoughts of the Links, which is an authentic links-style course currently rated as the 55th best Classic track in the country, and top five in the state. The Woodlands at Lawsonia is a wonderful course in its own right, chocked full of fantastic golf holes and all the charmContinue reading “Golf Course Review: Lawsonia Woodlands”