The WSGA’s America’s #1 Golf Internship with Patrick Koenig and Bobbi Stricker

When the Wisconsin State Golf Association (WSGA) announced its new marketing plan for 2021, golfers across the state of Wisconsin let out a collective gasp - one lucky guy or girl would get paid to play golf - a lot of golf. Golf enthusiasts' interests were piqued, and news of the internship became the top story on as it was eventually shared over 5,000 times during the week of The Players Championship.

Erin Hills Golf Course: A Legend at 15

When on-site, it’s almost impossible to comprehend that it's just 15 years old. It’s got all the looks and feels of a historic property that’s been played and refined for centuries. Certainly, no course in America has changed and accomplished more in as short a period of time as Erin Hills, going under the knife regularly to improve the guest and tournament experience in ways both noticeable and strategically long-term...

My Gift to You: 2014 Wisconsin Golf Courses To-Play List

The Wisconsin golf season is finally here, and it occurred to me as I start seeing the hits on my blog going up that people are really excited about playing and getting to new courses. For this reason, I put together this: A listing of the Wisconsin golf courses that I have so far reviewed, … Continue reading My Gift to You: 2014 Wisconsin Golf Courses To-Play List