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Electric Caddy Buying Guide: Which Cart is Right for You?
In the market for a new electric golf caddy / cart / trolley but can't make heads or tails of the product segment? Learn about the industry and its top models before you buy.
BatCaddy X8R: Customize Your Caddy Game
Link for 10% off BatCaddyMy first ever electric golf caddy was the Bat-Caddy X4R. After years of lugging around my clubs for me, it was time to upgrade – and what a great upgrade it's been! The new X8R is amazing – check it out…
Super E-Caddy Electric Golf Caddy
Discount Code: WISCO (5% off) This sturdy electric cart will have you walking the course again. The Super E comes packaged with all the accessories you'll need for your round, even including a 6-can attached cooler!
Stewart Golf Q Follow Electric Caddy
Get your Stewart follow cart here The Q Follow from Stewart is an investment in your game. This well-designed caddy will navigate the course with ease as you walk hands-free between your shots.
Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1R
Get your V1R cart here The Sun Mountain V1R is the latest offering in a series of push carts dating back to 1999, and it lives up to the company's established legacy. Feel confident walking the course this Spring with a proven brand and excellent cart.
CaddyTrek R2 Electric Caddy
Discount Code: wiscogolf ($100 off) A great portable electric caddy with a ton of features including "Follow" and "March" modes, the CaddyTrek R2 is sure to keep you worry-free while walking down the fairway.
Transrover All in One Golf Cart
Get your TransRover here An all-in-one golf bag that converts in to a push cart at any time during the round, Transrover comes with all kinds of cool extras, including onboard coolers!
Omada Trilite Push Cart
Discount Code: WISCO (15% off) Easy to set up, sleek-looking and light, the Omada Trilite is the ideal manual push cart for golf enthusiasts looking for something with a small footprint to keep in their trunk for those [sometimes] unexpected opportunities to play.
Motocaddy M7 Remote Electric Caddy
Get your MotoCaddy M7 here One of the top units in the electric golf caddy industry, the M7 by MotoCaddy is the simplest, most compact remote-controlled unit on the market.
Alphard Club Booster V2
Get your Alphard Club Booster V2 system here A motorized kit to convert your manual push cart into a fully functional electric caddie, the Alphard Club Booster V2 is a less expensive way to break into the electric cart revolution without breaking the bank.
Cart Tek Yellowstone Electric Cart/Caddy
Purchase the Yellowstone here Is your New Year's resolution to get in shape this year? Skip the gym membership and resolve to walk more of your rounds of golf. Need a great piece of equipment to help you make that easier? The Cart Tek Yellowstone electric golf caddy has a …
MGI Zip Navigator Electric Cart/Caddy
Get your MGI Zip Navigator here The MGI Zip Navigator is a compact and portable feature-rich electric golf cart that's easy to use, has great battery life and an incredible zero-turn radius. Electric golf caddies are the ultimate in walking luxury.
Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Caddy: Add Leisure to Your Golf Game
The Bat-Caddy X4R helps make walking the golf course as leisurely as possible., and after just 4 rounds it has become my all-time favorite piece of golf equipment. Walking the course, in general, changes the rhythm of the game, and not having to shoulder your clubs especially creates an easygoing …
Product Review: GolfBoards (Grand Geneva)
WiscoGolfAddict Contributing Writer John Ziemer and I checked out the new GolfBoarding experience on The Brute course at Grand Geneva