The Top 25 Courses in Wisconsin

Another list I’ve never seen: The top 25 golf courses in the state of Wisconsin – public or private.

Where this list gets interesting to me is in the comparison of private clubs – primarily Golden Age in nature – versus Wisconsin’s incredible public courses, especially including our state’s modern resort layouts at Kohler and Sand Valley.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know, but keep in mind that there are still courses in the state that I have yet to play, including some that will likely find their ways on to this list in the future like Oneida, Minocqua, La Crosse, Eagle Springs, The Lido, Troy Burne and others.

1. Erin Hills Golf Course

Erin, WI

Designers: Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry, Ron Whitten (2006)
Yardage: Black-7731, Blue-7147, Green-6742
Slope/Rating: Black-145/77.9, Blue-139/75.0, Green-135/73.2
Par: 72

2. Whistling Straits, Straits course

Haven, WI

Designer: Pete Dye (1998)
Yardage: Black-7790, Blue-7142, Green-6663
Slope/Rating: Black-152/77.2, Blue-145/74.2, Green-141/71.9
Par: 72

3. Pine Hills Country Club

Sheboygan, WI

Designer: Harry B. Smead (1928)
Yardage: Blue-6481, White-6151, Silver-5817, Gold-5302, Red-5076
Slope/Rating: Blue-132/72.3, White-128/70.7, Silver-125/69.3, Gold-121/66.9, Red-124/70.4
Par: 71

4. Milwaukee Country Club

River Hills, WI

Designers: CH Alison and HS Colt (1929)
Yardage: Black-7094, Middle-6444, Forward-5856
Slope/Rating: Back-136/74.6, Middle-130/71.9, Forward-125/69.5
Par: 72

5. Blue Mound Golf & Country Club

Wauwatosa, WI

Designer: Seth Raynor (1926)
Yardage: Black-6667, Blue-6313, White-5632
Slope/Rating: Black-131/72.1, Blue-127/70.6, White-124/72.5
Par: 70

6. Blackwolf Run, River course

Kohler, WI

Designer: Pete Dye (1988)
Yardage: Black-7404, Blue-6865, Green-6507
Slope/Rating: Black-151/76.2, Blue-144/73.7, Green-139/72.1
Par: 72

7. SentryWorld

Stevens Point, WI

Designer: Robert Trent Jones, Jr. (1982, 2015)
Yardage: Black-7145, Blue-6630, White-6110
Slope/Rating: Black-139/74.7, Blue-131/72.3, White-125/69.8
Par: 72

8. Lawsonia, Links course

Green Lake, WI

Designers: William Langford, Theodore Moreau (1930)
Yardage: Blue-6853, White-6494, Gold-5889
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/73.0, White-128/71.5, Gold-124/68.8
Par: 72

9. Sand Valley, Sand Valley course

Rome, WI

Designers: Bill Coore, Ben Crenshaw (2017)
Yardage: Black-6938, Orange-6535, Sand-6050
Slope/Rating: Black-134/73.2, Orange-130/71.4, Sand-127/69.6
Par: 72

10. Stevens Point Country Club

Stevens Point, WI

Designer: Unknown (1927), Larry Packard (1968), Craig Haltom (2018)
Yardage: Black-6901, Blue-6567, White-6167
Slope/Rating: Black-133/73.4, Blue-129/72.0, White-125/69.9
Par: 72

11. Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes course

Rome, WI

Designer: David McLay Kidd (2018)
Yardage: Black-6988, Orange-6587, Sand-5975
Slope/Rating: Black-132/72.4, Orange-124/70.5, Sand-117/68.0
Par: 73

12. Green Bay Country Club

Green Bay, WI

Designer: Dick Nugent (1995)
Yardage: Black-7097, Blue-6697, Gold-6272
Slope/Rating: Black-141/74.2, Blue-135/71.9, Gold-131/70.3
Par: 72

13. Kenosha Country Club

Kenosha, WI

Designer: Donald Ross (1921)
Yardage: Blue-6530, White-6277, Gold-5680, Red-5107
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/71.9, White-127/70.8, Gold-122/67.9, Red-121/69.4
Par: 70

14. West Bend Country Club

West Bend, WI

Designer: William Langford
Yardage: Black-6785, Blue-6516, White-5639, Red-5372
Slope/Rating: Black-135/72.5, Blue-132/71.5, White-124/67, Red-125/71.2Par: 72

15. Blackwolf Run, Meadow Valleys course

Kohler, WI

Designer: Pete Dye (1998)
Yardage: Black-7165, Blue-6735, White-6236
Slope/Rating: Black-144/74.6, Blue-138/72.6, White-132/72.1
Par: 72

16. Wild Rock Golf Club

Wisconsin Dells, WI

Designer: Michael Hurdzan & Dana Fry (2008)
Yardage: Quartzite-7414, Granite-6953, Shale-6393
Slope/Rating: Quartzite-141/76.5, Granite-135/74.5, Shale-134/70.8
Par: 72

17. The Club at Lac La Belle

Oconomowoc, WI

Designer: Alex Smith (1896), Craig Haltom (2020)
Yardage: Black-6906, Blue-6321, White-5870
Slope/Rating: Black-135/73.2, Blue-129/70.5, White-125/68.5
Par: 71

18. Whistling Straits, Irish course

Haven, WI

Designer: Pete Dye (2000)
Yardage: Black-7201, Blue-6750, Green-6366
Slope/Rating: Black-146/75.6, Blue-141/73.5, Green-137/72.0
Par: 72

19. The Club at Strawberry Creek

Kenosha, WI

Designers: Rick Jacobson (2006)
Yardage: Black-7113, Gold-6658, Blue-6157, White-5648, Green-5098
Slope/Rating: Black-136/74.8, Gold-131/72.8, Blue-126/70.5, White-122/68.2, Green-121/70.1
Par: 72

20. Ozaukee Country Club

Mequon, WI

Designer: William Langford & Theodore Moreau (1922)
Yardage: Blue-6765, White-6381, Gold-5806
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/72.9, White-125/71.0, Gold-121/68.5
Par: 70

21. North Shore Golf Club

Menasha, WI

Designer: Leonard Macomber
Yardage: Black-6530, Combo-6201, White-5794
Slope/Rating: Black-132/71.2, Combo-129/69.7, White-125/67.9
Par: 70

22. Horseshoe Bay Golf Club

Egg Harbor, WI

Designer: Rick Robbins (2000)
Yardage: Black-7101, Blue-6601, White-6117
Slope/Rating: Black-139/74.5, Blue-134/72.1, White-130/70.0
Par: 72

23. University Ridge Golf Club

Verona, WI

Designer: Robert Trent Jones, Jr. (1991)
Yardage: Black-7259, Blue-6610, White-6053
Slope/Rating: Black-144/74.9, Blue-139/72.0, White-129/69.3
Par: 72

24. North Hills Country Club

Menomonee Falls, WI

Designer: John Barr (1929)
Yardage: Black-6,715, Blue-6,424, White-6,208
Slope/Rating: Black-133/73.2, Blue-130/71.9, White-127/70.7
Par: 71

25. Geneva National, Player course

Lake Geneva, WI

Designer: Gary Player (1991)
Yardage: Black-7008, Gold-6417, White-6014
Slope/Rating: Black-141/74.3, Gold-133/71.5, White-130/69.7
Par: 72

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