Pinned Golf: Mission Critical

We were a small fire team sent in to find operational context of target WS. We were inserted to LZ, “High Ground”.

The objective was 359 yards away. Green zone was 349 yards away. I had the big gun in my hand, I had to clear to 248 to get an easy shot to the green zone. I grabbed my Pinned Prism rangefinder to get the terrain lay and was impressed with the clarity and accuracy. It locked on the green zone flag easily and gave a reading to the tenth of the yard. This was critical to our mission.

Pinned Golf’s stellar optics

I took my shot only to come up short of my goal at 218 yards. Cue the Pinned rangefinder and the flag is 141 out. Being able to count on the accuracy for mission success is key. Worth it’s weight in gold to be able to take the shot knowing exactly my tactical yardage.

Quickly, easily locking onto my target

Our team ultimately conquered the objective. I had bogey and the rest of the team par.

As rangefinders go, this thing is stellar. The accuracy, the built-in magnet and clarity of the screen, are all super important when you are counting on a tool to accomplish an outstanding golf round.

From first look I loved the design. Great graphics with no fluff. Great ergonomics, and super clear optics. It has a dioptic adjustment and for me, wearing glasses, I had a full-screen perfect view. No moving from side to side to get the sweet spot. Also of super importance is the slope adjustment switch.

Pinned all started with three recent college grads. They all were struggling to get accurate distances to improve their game, and Pinned was born. Their goal is to get affordable, accurate rangefinders in the hands of golfers.

What I absolutely love about the Pinned Rangefinder

  • Ranges in tenths of a yard: Not that it is going to help my game as I am lucky to stay in my fairway.
  • Built-in magnet to attach to golf cart pillars
  • Large, bright screen.
  • Accuracy
  • Dioptic adjustment
  • Speed of light Flag acquisition

What I don’t like

The green color. To be fair, I love the green color but it blended in with a cart pillar color on a round once, and I ALMOST forgot it because it blended so perfectly. That is all on me, NOT the Pinned folks. I have the memory of a gnat. But like every good golfer, my shortcomings are the fault of equipment, weather, sound, earth rotation, time of day, gopher theft and whatever else I can blame on outside forces.

The Prism rangefinder at work at Whistling Straits


I would definitely recommend this rangefinder to all my golf buddies. It has a great price, great precision and awesome functionality.

This gets a solid birdie on review.

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