WiscoGolfAddict’s Top 100 Courses Played in America (ongoing)

When my brother and his wife bought me a golf ball cabinet about ten years ago, I started collecting logo balls from all the different courses I played. I hadn’t started my foray in to golf writing at the time so its contents grew slowly but steadily, consisting primarily of muni tracks around Waukesha County.

I started WiscoGolfAddict in 2011, and during that year played 59 different courses including three of my first private clubs. With 2012 came my first out-of-state golf trips: Myrtle Beach with my cousins Frank and Jeff, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with a group of friends. It was also the year I played my first Tour courses, including Erin Hills, Blackwolf Run’s River course, Chambers Bay, University Ridge and Cog Hill No. 4 Dubsdread. I played 126 rounds in 2012 at a total of 52 different courses.

While I’d consider 2012 to be the year that opened my eyes to world-class golf, I’d also consider it to be the year that opened my eyes to the way golf can drain my bank account. An audit of my post-season golf charges that year was just shy of $10,000.

My first media event invites started coming in 2013, first for a pre-tournament media day at the John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run, and soon after a weekend trip to Madden’s Resort on Gull Lake in Brainerd, Minnesota. Exciting things with my golf writing were starting to snowball, and they have only continued to this day.

Through my writing I have experienced amazing public and private golf courses across the country, built out a wonderful network of industry experts and friends, and am continuously learning about all the things that make golf great, especially from the design and architectural side.

The experts (Doak, Fazio, Coore, Crenshaw, Jones, Staples, Trent Jones, Jr, …) may score 80-95 on a scale of 100 for their course design knowledge. I can’t claim to know more than 15-20, which is probably still generous, but the path to learning is filled with playing new styles of courses and constantly picking up on the both subtle and obvious nuances that architects institute in their designs. It’s an adventure I hope to continue and enjoy for years to come.

While Golf Digest, GolfWeek and Golf.com release their best courses in the US lists on an annual or semi-annual basis, I have just one: This running list of the 50 tracks I consider to be the best in the country… that I’ve played.

1. Pacific Dunes (Bandon, OR)

Architect: Tom Doak (2001)
Yardages: Black-6633, Green-6142, Gold-5775
Slope/Rating: Black-142/73.0, Green-133/70.7, Gold-129/68.6

2. Kiawah Island, Ocean (Kiawah Island, SC)

Architect: Pete Dye (1991)
Yardages: Tournament-7356, Ocean-6779, Dye-6475
Slope/Rating: Tournament-144/77.3, Ocean-138/73.6, Dye-134/72.0

3. Bandon Dunes (Bandon, OR)

Architect: David McLay Kidd (1999)
Yardages: Black-6759, Green-6247, Gold-5751
Slope/Rating: Black-130/73.6, Green-129/71.1, Gold-122/68.7

4. Shoreacres (Lake Bluff, IL) – not reviewed

Architect: Seth Raynor (1921)
Yardages: Black-6530, Raynor-6309, Green-5457
Slope/Rating: Black-133/71.4, Raynor-130/70.4, Green-120/66.5


5. Chambers Bay (University Place, WA)

Architect: Robert Trent Jones, Jr (2007)
Yardages: Teal-7585, Navy-7165, Sand-6513
Slope/Rating: Teal-142/76.8, Navy-139/75.6, Sand-135/72.4

6. Erin Hills (Erin, WI)

Architects: Michael Hurdzan, Dana Fry & Ron Whitten (2006)
Yardages: Black-7800, Blue-7174, Green-6754
Slope/Rating: Black-145/77.9, Blue-139/75.0, Green-135/73.2

7. Whistling Straits, Straits (Haven, WI)

Architect: Pete Dye (1998)
Yardages: Black-7362, Blue-6909, Green-6459
Slope/Rating: Black-151/76.7, Blue-144/74.2, Green-137/71.9

8. Old Macdonald (Bandon, OR)

Architect: Tom Doak & Jim Urbina (2010)
Yardages: Black-6944, Green-6320, Gold-5658
Slope/Rating: Black-133/74.1, Green-127/71.3, Gold-119/68.2

9. Bandon Trails (Bandon, OR)

Architect: Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw (2005)
Yardages: Black-6759, Green-6247, Gold-5751
Slope/Rating: Black-130/73.6, Green-129/71.1, Gold-122/68.7

10. Milwaukee Country Club (River Hills, WI)

Architect: C.H. Alison (1929)
Yardages: Back-7094, Middle-6444, Forward-5856
Slope/Rating: Back-136.74.6, Middle-130/71.9, Forward-125/69.5

The Sun Rises Over 11 at MCC
The Sun Rises Over 11 at MCC

11. Blackwolf Run, River (Kohler, WI)

Architect: Pete Dye (1988)
Yardages: Black-7404, Blue-6865, Green-6507
Slope/Rating: Black-151/76.2, Blue-144/73.7, Green-139/72.1

12. Streamsong Black (Streamsong, FL)

Architect: Gil Hanse (2017)
Yardages: Green-7320, Black-6747, Silver-6226
Slope/Rating: Green-135/74.7, Black-130/72.0, Silver-125/69.5

13. Mid Pines Golf Club (Southern Pines, NC)

Architect: Donald Ross (1921)
Yardages: Blue-6522, White-6079, Green-5532
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/71.6, White-128/69.5, Green-121/66.7

14. The Prairie Club, Dunes (Valentine, NE)

Architect: Tom Lehman (2010)
Yardages: Tour-8073, White-7525, Blue-7099
Slope/Rating: Tour-135/75.0, White-133/72.4, Blue-128/71.7

15. Tobacco Road Golf Club (Sanford, NC)

Architect: Mike Strantz (1998)
Yardages: Ripper-6557, Disc-6317, Plow-5886
Slope/Rating: Ripper-145/72.5, Disc-143/71.3, Plow-132/69.4

16. Streamsong, Blue (Streamsong, FL)

Architect: Tom Doak (2012)
Yardages: Green-7176, Black-6698, Silver-6285
Slope/Rating: Green-131/74.1, Black-127/72.0, Silver-123/69.7

17. Marquette Golf Club, Greywalls (Marquette, MI)

Architect: Mike DeVries (2005)
Yardages: Black-6828, Grey-6537, White-5908
Slope/Rating: Black-144/73.0, Grey-138/70.7, White-130/68.2


18. Quintero Golf Club (Peoria, AZ)

Architect: Rees Jones (2000)
Yardages: Black-7249, Gold-6875, Silver-6437
Slope/Rating: Black-148/75.3, Gold-143/73.1, Silver-137/70.7

19. Pine Hills Country Club (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

Architect: Harry Smead (1928)
Yardages: Blue-6481, White-6151, Silver-5817
Slope/Rating: Blue-132/72.3, White-128/70.7, Silver-125/69.3

20. Blue Mound Golf & Country Club (Wauwatosa, WI)

Architect: Seth Raynor (1926)
Yardages: Black-6667, Blue-6313, White-5632
Slope/Rating: Black-131/72.1, Blue-127/70.6, White-124/72.5

21. Reynolds Lake Oconee, Great Waters (Greensboro, GA)

Architect: Jack Nicklaus (1992)
Yardages: One-7073, Two-6581, Three-6069
Slope/Rating: One-138/74.0, Two-133/71.9, Three-129/69.6

22. Sand Valley, Sand Valley (Rome, WI)

Architect: Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw (2017)
Yardages: Tips-7161, Black-6899, Orange-6520
Slope/Rating: Tips-135/74.7, Black-134/73.2, Orange-130/71.4

23. Streamsong, Red (Streamsong, FL)

Architect: Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw (2012)
Yardages: Green-7148, Black-6584, Silver-6094
Slope/Rating: Green-130/74.2, Black-125/71.7, Silver-119/69.4

24. SentryWorld (Stevens Point, WI)

Architect: Robert Trent Jones, Jr (2013)
Yardages: Black-7237, Blue-6711, White-6110
Slope/Rating: Black-139/75.1, 131/72.6, White-125/69.8

25. Dismal River, Red (Mullen, NE)

Architect: Tom Doak (2013)
Yardages: Back-6994, Club-6334, Forward-4830
Slope/Rating: Not available

26. Stevens Point Country Club (Stevens Point, WI)

Architect: Larry Packard (1968), Craig Haltom (2020)
Yardages: Black-6916, Blue-6567, White-6167
Slope/Rating: Black-141/74.3, Blue-137/72.8, White-129/71.4

27. We-Ko-Pa, Cholla (Fort McDowell, AZ) – not reviewed

Architect: Scott Miller (2001)
Yardages: Cholla-7225, Purple-6740, White-6114
Slope/Rating: Cholla-138/73.4, Purple-133/70.7, White-119/67.5

28. Pumpkin Ridge, Witch Hollow (North Plains, OR)

Architect: Bob Cupp (1992)
Yardages: Black-7015, Blue-6506, White-6000
Slope/Rating: Black-142/74.9, Blue-140/72.4, White-132/69.9


29. Lawsonia, Links (Green Lake, WI)

Architect: William Langford & Theodore Moreau (1930)
Yardages: Blue-6853, White-6494, Gold-6022
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/73.0, White-128/71.5, Gold-124/68.8

30. The Classic at Madden’s on Gull Lake (Brainerd, MN)

Architect: Scott Hoffman, Geoffrey Cornish, John Harris & Warren Rebholz (1996)
Yardages: Tour-7102, Black-6717, Blue-6438
Slope/Rating: Tour-145/75.6, Black-141/73.9, Blue-134/72.1

31. The Harvester (Rhodes, IA)

Architect: Keith Foster (2000)
Yardages: Black-7365, Blue-6840, White-6430
Slope/Rating: Black-140/76.0, Blue-132/73.1, White-128/70.8


32. The Wilderness at Fortune Bay (Tower, MN) – not reviewed

Architect: Jeffrey Brauer (2004)
Yardages: Gold-7207, Blue-6772, White-6147
Slope/Rating: Gold-142/75.3, Blue-137/73.2, White-131/70.4

Wilderness at Fortune Bay
Photo credit: GolftheWilderness.com

33. Sand Valley, Mammoth Dunes (Rome, WI)

Architect: David McLay Kidd (2018)
Yardages: Black-6935, Orange-6563, Sand-6027
Slope/Rating: Black-132/72.4, Orange-124/70.5, Sand-117/68.0

34. Pinehurst No. 4 (Pinehurst, NC)

Architect: Donald Ross (1919), Gil Hanse (2018)
Yardages: Orange-7227, Blue-6961, White-6428
Slope/Rating: Orange-138/74.9, Blue-135/73.7, White-131/70.8

35. Eagle Ridge, The General (Galena, IL) – review in progress

Architect: Roger Packard (1977)
Yardages: 4-Star-6820, 3-Star-6434, 2-Star-6006
Slope/Rating: 4-Star-141/73.7, 3-Star-136/71.9, 2-Star-131/69.7

36. Blackwolf Run, Meadow Valleys (Kohler, WI)

Architect: Pete Dye (1989)
Yardages: Black-7165, Blue-6735, White-6236
Slope/Rating: Black-144/74.6, Blue-138/72.6, White-132/70.1

37. Medinah Country Club, Course 1 (Medinah, IL)

Architect: Tom Bendelow (1925), Tom Doak (2014)
Yardages: Gold-6895, Silver-6667, White-6213, Green-5505
Slope/Rating: Gold-136/73.3, Silver-134/72.3, White-129/70.2, Green-128/70.0

38. World Woods, Pine Barrens (Brooksville, FL)

Architect: Tom Fazio (1993)
Yardages: Yellow-7237, Black-6817, Green-6316
Slope/Rating: Yellow-133/75.3, Black-131/72.5, Green-125/70.2

18-IMG_8364 (9)

39. Medinah Country Club, No. 3 (Medinah, IL)

Architect: Tom Bendelow (1928), Rees Jones (2009)
Yardages: Gold-7657, Silver-7007, White-6629
Slope/Rating: Gold-152/78.3, Silver-147/75.3, White-142/72.3

40. Kiva Dunes (Gulf Shores, AL)

Architect: Jerry Pate (1995)
Yardages: Gold-7092, Blue-6454, White-5849
Slope/Rating: Gold-132/73.9, Blue-129/70.8, White-119/67.8

41. RTJ Golf Trail, Ross Bridge (Hoover, AL)

Architect: Robert Trent Jones (2006)
Yardages: Black-8191, Purple-7446, Orange-6783
Slope/Rating: Black-135/78.5, Purple-127/74.9, Orange-118/71.3


42. Green Bay Country Club (Green Bay, WI)

Architect: Dick Nugent (1995)
Yardages: Black-7097, Blue-6697, Gold-6272
Slope/Rating: Black-141/74.2, Blue-135/71.9, Gold-131/70.3

43. Black Sheep Golf Club (Sugar Grove, IL)

Architect: David Esler (2001)
Yardage: Holes 1-18: Black-7111, Grey-6732, White-6463; Holes 1-9, 19-27: Black-6930, 6659, 6382; Holes 10-27: Black-7107, Grey-6729, White-6519
Slope/Rating: Holes 1-18: Black-74.7/137, Grey-72.7/133, White-71.5/130; Holes 1-9, 19-27: Black-73.5/134, Grey-72.1/132, White-70.8/129; Holes 10-27: Black-74.6/135, Grey-72.6/132, White-71.7/130

44. Reynolds Lake Oconee, The Oconee (Greensboro, GA)

Architect: Rees Jones (2002)
Yardages: One-7029, Two-6732, Three-6294
Slope/Rating: One-137/73.5, Two-134/72.1, Three-128/70.0


45. Kenosha Country Club (Kenosha, WI)

Architect: Donald Ross (1921)
Yardages: Blue-6530, White-6277, Gold-5680, Red-5107
Slope/Rating:Blue-130/71.9, White-127/70.8, Gold-122/67.9, Red-121/69.4

46. True Blue (Pawley’s Island, SC)

Architect: Mike Strantz (1998)
Yardages: Black-7126, Blue-6812, White-6375
Slope/Rating: Black-145/74.3, Blue-141/72.8, White-127/70.1


47. Whistling Straits, Irish (Haven, WI)

Architect: Pete Dye (2000)
Yardages: Black-7201, Blue-6750, Green-6366
Slope/Rating: Black-146/75.6, Blue-141/73.5, Green-137/72.0


48. The Prairie Club, Pines (Valentine, NE)

Architect: Graham Marsh (2010)
Yardages: Black-7403, White-6824, Green-6080
Slope/Rating: Black-134/75.0, White-128/72.4, Green-115/69.4


49. Torrey Pines, South Course (La Jolla, CA)

Architect: William P. Bell, Sr (1957), Rees Jones (2001)
Yardages: Black-7628, Blue-7051, White-6628
Slope/Rating: Black-143/78.1, Blue-139/76.1, White-136/74.3


50. Wild Rock (Wisconsin Dells, WI)

Architect: Michael Hurdzan & Dana Fry (2008)
Yardages: Quartzite-7414, Granite-6953, Shale-6393
Slope/Rating: Quartzite-141/76.5, Granite-135/74.5, Shale-134/70.8


51. Shell Landing (Gautier, MS)

Architect: Davis Love III (2002)
Yardages: Snapping-7024, Leatherback-6531, Hawksbill-6010
Slope/Rating: Snapping-134/73.8, Leatherback-129/71.2, Hawksbill-119/69.2

52. The Club at Lac La Belle (Oconomowoc, WI)

Architect: Unknown (1896), Craig Haltom (2020)
Yardages: Black-6906, Blue-6321, White-5870
Slope/Rating: Black-133/72.6, Blue-128/70.1, White-125/67.9

53. Chicago Highlands (Westchester, IL)

Architect: Arthur Hills (2009)
Yardages: Black-7490, Gold-7066, Blue-6580
Slope/Rating: Black-141/76.4, Gold-136/74.2, Blue-132/72.1


54. Ozaukee Country Club (Mequon, WI)

Architect: William Langford & Theodore Moreau (1922)
Yardages: Blue-6765, White-6381, Gold-5806
Slope/Rating: Blue-130/72.9, White-125/71.0, Gold-121/68.5

55. Cog Hill, No. 4 Dubsdread (Lemont, IL)

Architect: Joseph Lee & Dick Wilson (1964), Rees Jones (2008)
Yardages: Black-7554, Gold-7144, Blue-6750
Slope/Rating: Black-151/77.8, Gold-144/75.8, Blue-138/73.9


56. Bob O Link (Highland Park, IL) – not reviewed

Architect: Donald Ross (1916)
Yardages: Green-7184, Blue-6744, Gold-6286
Slope/Rating: Green-139/75.3, Blue-134/73.2, Gold-129/71.1

57. University Ridge (Verona, WI)

Architect: Robert Trent Jones, Jr (1991)
Yardages: Black-7259, Blue-6610, White-6053
Slope/Rating: Black-144/74.9, Blue-139/72.9, White-129/69.3


58. Dismal River, White (Mullen, NE)

Architect: Jack Nicklaus (2006)
Yardages: Tips-7368, Members-6638, Forward-4965
Slope/Rating: Tips-149/77.0, Members-139/73.2, Forward-135/69.6


59. West Bend Country Club (West Bend, WI)

Architect: William Langford (1928)
Yardage: Black-6785, Blue-6516, White-5639, Red-5372
Slope/Rating: Black-135/72.5, Blue-132/71.5, White-124/67, Red-125/71.2

60. Glen Flora Golf Club (Waukegan, IL)

Architect: Austie Claeyssens (1922), Samuel Beckman (2022)
Yardage: Back-6602, Middle-N/A, Front-N/A
Slope/Rating: Back-136/71.7, Middle-N/A, Front-N/A

61. TPC Deere Run (Silvis, IL)

Architect: D.A. Weibring (2000)
Yardage: John Deere-7258, Black-7075, Blue-6530
Slope/Rating: John Deere-144/75.8, Black-141/74.4, Blue-135/71.9

62. Pumpkin Ridge, Ghost Creek (North Plains, OR)

Architect: Bob Cupp (1992)
Yardage: Black-6839, Blue-6386, White-5921, Red-5111
Slope/Rating: Black-147/74.5, Blue-139/72.1, White-136/69.8, Red-132/71

63. The Club at Strawberry Creek (Kenosha, WI)

Architect: Rick Jacobson (2006)
Yardage: Black-7113, Gold-6658, Blue-6157
Slope/Rating: Black-136/74.8, Gold-131/72.8, Blue-126/70.5

64. Geneva National, Player (Lake Geneva, WI)

Architect: Gary Player (1994)
Yardage: Black-7008, Gold-6417, White-6014
Slope/Rating: Black-141-74.3, Gold-133/71.5, White-130/69.7

65. ThunderHawk (Beach Park, IL)

Architect: Robert Trent Jones, Jr. (1999)
Yardage: Black-7031, Brass-6631, Silver-6124
Slope/Rating: Black-137/74.1, Brass-133/72.3, Silver-128/69.9

66. North Shore Golf Club (Menasha, WI)

Architect: Leonard Macomber (1930)
Yardage: Black-6530, White-5794, Green-5246
Slope/Rating: Black-132/73.2, White-125/67.9, Green-118/65.4

67. North Hills Country Club (Menomonee Falls, WI)

Architect: John Barr (1929)
Yardage: Black-6715, Blue-6424, White-6208
Slope/Rating: Black-133/73.2, Blue-130/71.9, White-127/70.7

68. Horseshoe Bay (Egg Harbor, WI)

Architect: Richard Robbins (2000)
Yardage: Black-7101, Blue-6601, White-6117
Slope/Rating: Black-139/74.5, Blue-134/72.1, White-130/70.0

69. Eagle Ridge, North course (Galena, IL) – review in progress

Architect: Roger Packard (1977)
Yardage: Black-6875, Gold-6386, Jade-5578
Slope/Rating: Black-132/73.2, Gold-127/70.9, Jade-125/72.1

70. The Preserve at Oak Meadows (Addison, IL)

Architect: Charles W. Wagstaff (1923), Greg Martin (2018)
Yardage: Tournament-7015, Black-6631, Blue-6213
Slope/Rating: Tournament-142/74.1, Black-138/72.4, Blue-134/70.6

71. The Bull at Pinehurst Farms (Sheboygan Falls, WI)

Architect: Jack Nicklaus (2003)
Yardages: Black-7354, Blue-6867, Green-6424
Slope/Rating: Black-147/76.3, Blue-144/73.8, Green-138/71.7

72. Brown Deer Park (Milwaukee, WI)

Architect: George Hansen (1929)
Yardage: Blue-6,759, White-6,342
Slope/Rating: Blue-72.9/133, White-129/70.8

73. TimberStone (Iron Mountain, MI)

Architect: Jerry Matthews (1997)
Yardage: Forest-6937, Boulder-6533, Timber-5836
Slope/Rating: Forest-148/75, Boulder-144/72.9, Timber-135/69.8

74. Oconomowoc Golf Club (Oconomowoc, WI) – not reviewed

Architect: Donald Ross (1916)
Yardage: White-6423, Gold-5946, Red-5607
Slope/Rating: White-129/71.4, Gold-126/70.3, Red-129/73.4

75. Nakoma Golf Club (Madison, WI)

Architect: Tom Bendelow (1925)
Yardage: Gold-128/71.5, White-125/70.0, Green-124/72.0
Slope/Rating: Gold-6469, White-6033, Green-5376

76. Hawk’s Landing (Verona, WI)

Architect: John Harbottle III
Yardage: Maroon-7227, Black-6678, Member-6330
Slope/Rating: Maroon-134/74.8, Black-129/72.3, Member-125/70.9

77. Sweetgrass (Harris, MI)

Architect: Paul Albanese (2008)
Yardage: Black-7275, Blue-6829, White-6439
Slope/Rating: Black-143/75.2, Blue-137/73.3, White-71.3/134

78. Juliette Falls (Dunnellon, FL)

Architect: John Sanford (2008)
Yardage: Viking-7236, Platinum-6729, White-6269
Slope/Rating: Viking-143/75.4, Platinum-139/72.6, White-130/70.4

79. Racine Country Club (Racine, WI)

Architect: Joseph Roseman (1909)
Yardage: Blue-6656, White-6477, Gold-5735
Slope/Rating: Blue-133/73.2, White-130/71.7, Gold-125/68.8

80. Washington County (Hartford, WI)

Architect: Arthur Hills (1997)
Yardage: Black-7048, Blue-6587, White-6198
Slope/Rating: Black-134/73.6, Blue-130/71.5, White-126/69.7

81. Grand Geneva, The Brute (Lake Geneva, WI)

Architect: Robert Bruce Harris (1968)
Yardage: Blue-7,085, White-6,554, Red-5,244
Slope/Rating: Blue-136/73.8, White-131/71.9, Red-129/70.0

82. Mistwood Golf Club (Romeoville, IL)

Architect: Ray Hearn (1999)
Yardage: Tournament-7040, Gold-6836, Black-6639
Slope/Rating: Tournament-144/74.7, Gold-141/73.3, Black-138/72.1

83. Kiawah Island, Cougar Point (Kiawah Island, SC)

Architect: Gary Player (1974)
Yardage: Tournament-6875, Cougar-6503, Player-6212
Slope/Rating: Tournament-138/74.0, Cougar-127/71.6, Player-123/69.8

84. The Pines at Grand View Lodge (Brainerd, MN)

Architect: Joel Goldstrand (1990)
Yardage (Lakes to Woods): Green-6983, Blue-6526, White-6185
Slope/Rating (Lakes to Woods): Green-140/74.2, Blue-137/72.2, White-134/70.6

85. Abbey Springs (Fontana, WI)

Architect: Ken Killian & Dick Nugent (1970), Lohmann/Quitno (2021)
Yardages: Walnut-6617, Maple-6277, Oak-5505
Slope/Rating: Walnut-138/72.5, Maple-134/71.0, Oak-128/67.4

86. Kiawah Island, Osprey Point (Kiawah Island, SC)

Architect: Tom Fazio (2014)
Yardage: Tournament-6902, Osprey-6545, Fazio-6162
Slope/Rating: Tournament-135/72.8, Osprey-133/70.5, Fazio-130/69

87. Westmoor Country Club (Brookfield, WI)

Architect: Lloyd Fitzgerald (1926), William Langford (~1950)
Yardage: Black-7010, Copper-6555, Hybrid-6209
Slope/Rating: Black-135/74.6, Copper-131/72.6, Hybrid-128/70.9

88. Tuckaway Country Club (Franklin, WI)

Architect: Ken Killian, Dick Nugent, Bob Lohmann, Michael Bunkusky (1967)
Yardage: V-7218, IV-6699, III-6398
Slope/Rating: V-137/74.7, IV-131/72.2, III-127-70.3

89. Peninsula Golf Club (Fort Morgan, AL)

Architect: Earl Stone (1995)
Yardage: Tee #1-7003, Tee #2-6495, Tee #3-5685
Slope/Rating: Tee #1-125/72.6, Tee #2-116/70.1, Tee #3-104/67

90. The Oaks (Cottage Grove, WI)

Architect: Greg Martin (2003)
Yardage: Scarlet-6,763, Black-6,310, Blue-6,011
Slope/Rating: Scarlet-134/72.6, Black-129/70.6, Blue-126/69.2

91. Bishops Bay Country Club (Madison, WI)

Architect: Bob Lohmann (1994)
Yardage: Gold-7160, Blue-6740, White-6163
Slope/Rating: Gold-132/74.8, Blue-128/72.8, White-123/70

92. Wildridge (Eau Claire, WI)

Architect: Greg Martin
Yardage: Tournament-7,034, Championship-6,586, Ridge-6,175
Slope/Rating: Tournament-133/73.5, Championship-128/71.6, Ridge-124/69.7

93. Glen Erin Golf Club (Janesville, WI)

Architect: Greg Martin (2003)
Yardage: Orange-6849, White-6342, Green-5786
Slope/Rating: Orange-126/72.4, White-121/70.3, Green-116/67.7

94. The Legend at Bergamont (Oregon, WI) – not reviewed

Architect: Andy North (2006)
Yardage: Black-7305, Blue-6763, White-6222
Slope/Rating: Black-137/75.0, Blue-132/72.5, White-127/70.1

95. Geneva National, Palmer (Lake Geneva, WI)

Architect: Arnold Palmer (1991)
Yardage: Black-7171, Gold-6638, White-6057
Slope/Rating: Black-140/74.7, Gold-134/72.2, White-128/69.4

96. The University Club (Milwaukee, WI)

Architect: Tom Bendelow (1921), Andy Staples (2019)
Yardage: Black-6588, Blue-6269, White-6010
Slope/Rating: Black-130/72.4, Blue-127/70.7, White-124/69.6

97. The Mid South Club (Southern Pines, NC)

Architect: Arnold Palmer (1993)
Yardages: Gold-7003, Blue-6577, White-6170
Slope/Rating: Gold-144/73.8, Blue-134/71.9, White-128/69.9

98. The Legend at Bristlecone (Hartland, WI)

Architect: Scott Miller (1996)
Yardage: Black-7010, Blue-6438, White-5934
Slope/Rating: Black-138/74.4, Blue-130/71.7, White-124/69.1

99. Talamore Golf Club (Southern Pines, NC)

Architect: Rees Jones (1991)
Yardages: Gold-6840, Blue-6534, White-6007
Slope/Rating: Gold-132/72.4, Blue-129/70.4, White-121/68.4

100. Bullseye Golf Club (Stevens Point, WI)

Architect: Leonard Macomber (1922), Larry Packard (1968)
Yardage: Blue-6633, White-6385, Gold-5749
Slope/Rating: Blue-131/73.6, White-129/72.3, Gold-125/69.5

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