Cobalt Q-4 Slope: Tour-Proven Speed & Precision Under $300

To be honest, when I was handed the Cobalt Q-4 Slope rangefinder I had never heard of the brand. I didn’t recall seeing it anywhere on Instagram with all of the IG celebrity endorsers, and I hadn’t heard about it in my golf friend circle. As WiscoGolfAddict has noted before, the market is hot and competitive for products like rangefinders, so it isn’t very surprising. But wow am I happy I had the opportunity to try this product out.

Cobalt. Remember the name.

Why this rangefinder is legit

This is the fastest rangefinder I have tried when it comes to locating a pin and getting an accurate distance. I was playing with some buddies and crazy enough we all had different range finders. So we did a test to see who could locate the pin distance fastest (with and without slope). Cobalt was the fastest and when “gunned” multiple times it was consistent in the reading. I’ve tested this at two courses now, my home course North Hills Country Club and one of the best public courses in Wisconsin, Washington County Golf Course. Both are different types of courses. North Hills is heavily wooded with some tucked pins where you can only snag a piece of it when trying to find the distance. Washington County is a links course with some epic sight lines, which also can cause challenges for some rangefinders to catch the pin. Cobalt was impressive and had no issues and was on point every time.

I’m a branding guy and a sucker for upscale surprises. The Cobalt Q-4 Slope has a very elegant case that has a soft inner lining for the rangefinder to nestle in. It’s definitely a differentiator for the brand and for me helps position them as a premium product, looking at every aspect of the product.

The baby brother of the Q-6 Slope

Q-4 Shown with optional magnetic strap

The Q-6 Slope is a beast. WiscoGolfAddict reviewed the premium rangefinder when it was released. The Cobalt Q-4 Slope holds the same qualities of the Q-6 when it comes to slope reading and accuracy but it is surprisingly much lighter in weight. I didn’t mind this at all but it was very noticeable from our review on the Q-6. It was also more simplistic than the Q-6, which I actually love. As a mid-single-digit handicap golfer I just need something that works and I can count on. Cobalt does that. I was very confident hitting my shots that I had the right distance and slope.

When it comes to slope there is a button for the slope to be on or off similar to the Q-6. The Q-4 Slope still has a red light that turns on if slope is enabled, similar to the Q-6, which is a feature I love. When playing in tournaments this is pretty critical in my book versus just a button or switch like many other rangefinder brands.

Like the big brother Q-6 the Cobalt doesn’t come with a built-in magnet. But there are various straps that you can get. One of them here. I honestly don’t love the built-in magnets, mainly because I leave too many rangefinders behind on carts, which could be a very big reason why I got the Cobalt to review….


Cobalt is a name to remember if you are looking for a premium rangefinder. The accuracy is what does it for me. The groups I play in at my club like to play fast, which I love. But nobody loves waiting on the guy that takes too much time getting his distance. That is sure to not happen with the Cobalt Q-4 Slope.

Interested in upgrading your rangefinder this season? Be sure to check out Cobalt for a premium-grade product that’s sure to keep your distances dialed in with speed that will make your playing partners envious.

Get your own Q-4 Slope Rangefinder on Cobalt’s website

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