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2Putt Apparel and Accessories: Don’t Settle for Ordinary Style

This up-and-coming brand features a distinctive and trendy look, with comfortable outerwear and a full suite of branded accessories that will ensure you don't "two-putt" on your golf style.

Sphero Mini Golf Ball

The Sphero Mini Golf Ball provides hours of fun and entertainment for you, your kids and your buddies on the course, plus provides STEM learning for the kids.

Product Review: Personalized Golf Balls

Buy Callaway golf balls here
Personalized golf balls are the perfect stocking stuffer for golfers. While some may be lost more quickly than others, they're sure to be used and are a fun way to inject some personality in your golf game. Or, if you're like me, losing them can be free advertising!

Product Review: Snell MTB (My Tour Ball)

My equipment review of the Snell Golf My Tour Ball - a great tour-quality golf ball at just $31.99 per dozen shipped free