Sphero Mini Golf Ball

I am constantly looking to turn my “Handicap” into an excuse to play golf.

I guess I should clarify that my handicap is 2 kids under the age of 4. Getting them interested in golf is one of my biggest goals, and I have found a unique and creative way to do that with the Sphero Mini Golf Ball.

I came across Sphero while researching interesting golf gifts and think it’s a great option for a unique Father’s Day present.

For you fellow fathers out there, we all know Father’s Day really means family time, so why not put a golfing spin on it (no pun intended)?

What is it?

The concept of the Sphero Mini Golf Ball is an app-controlled, programmable ball. It is not meant to be hit by anything other than a light putter tap, but all the fun comes after the ball sent rolling. Watch this quick video below to see it in action:

Inside the plastic shell is a gyroscopic ball that can move in any direction. Using your thumb as a joystick on your phone, you can fully control the movement of the ball.

Sphero Ball on the left compared to other golf balls

The Sphero is meant to be more than a golf toy. There are STEM applications, as well, where kids can program the ball and play various games using it as a control. Although I did not investigate many of these features, it is definitely an added bonus for the kids!


After charging the Sphero, simply download the app and follow the instructions. I was able to connect the Sphero to my phone in under 30 seconds. For those worried about being technology-illiterate, never fear as this was super easy to set up.

After the ball connects, you simply calibrate the position following the onscreen instructions and you’ll be ready to roll!

App instructions are simple to follow

Once you get the hang of controlling the ball there are plenty of ways to configure it including the color, speed and responsiveness of the controls.

Will I like it / will my kids like it?

There is no doubt about it this is a fun little toy. I have had hours of enjoyment with my kids playing with the Sphero and have even taken it to the course a couple times to play tricks on my foursome.

Whether 1 or 99, everyone loves Sphero. If you’re looking for something fun for the golf enthusiast in your life who seems to have everything, I can almost guarantee this is something they don’t have that they will really like. Plus, as a bonus, the kids will love it, too.

Pick up your own Sphero on Amazon, and get started on the fun!

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