Warlock Golf

Warlock Golf has created a product catalog of unique ball markers and divot repair tools to give some flair to your short game. I think most of us could improve our putting with just a better mental attitude, and with these ball markers you can’t help but smile when marking your ball.

Divot repair tool lineup

The ball markers I tested are all magnetized, so if you want to secure them to an existing hat clip or bag magnet they will work just fine. The markers definitely create a unique talking point on the green, and I found my foursome giving lots of compliments (not as many about my putting stroke, though).

If you’re looking for a fun gift idea for Father’s Day this is a sure-fire win. All of Warlock’s products are very reasonably priced around $10 and come packaged nicely in a matchbook-style card. You’ll be happy with your purchase from Warlock – the only hard decision is which marker(s) you’ll want to use for your next round.

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