Sundog Eyewear: Sunglasses for Golf

Have you been searching for a great pair of sunglasses designed for golf? Look no further than Sundog Eyewear, who has created a line of frames and lenses specifically with golf in mind.

After testing all of their lens options and a few different frame styles, here are my thoughts on their full line of golf-related eyewear.

Lens coloring

The chart below goes over the three types of lenses Sundog offers and what each is used for. Each option is better suited for specific conditions on the course, and I found the chart’s suggestions to be very accurate.

Brown – The Brown lens tint is my go-to everyday pair of lenses. The warm colors it provides make everything on the course really pop. What I love the most about them, though, is that they are not overly dark so I never have issues seeing the ball while swinging, viewing faraway objects or the slope of a putting surface.

Fly Polarized with Brown lenses

Aurora – I opted to pair the Aurora lenses with a more sporty frame style. The Auroras are the lightest colored lenses in Sundog’s offering and, while they provide good color enhancement, didn’t provide a ton of eye relief on the sunniest of days.

I would recommend using these if you are an early morning or late evening golfer when you need to have a little sun protection but still allow enough light in to see clearly.

Prime with Aurora lenses

Grey – The Grey lenses are your most traditional darkened lens option. I paired these with a very classic style frame that I could wear on or off the course. I’ve found these to be the best option during afternoon rounds when the sun is the brightest, but do find myself taking them off to read putts. The darkness of the lenses can sometimes make it hard for me to read the contours of the green, but everywhere else on the course they work great.

Plasma with Grey lenses


Sundog has over 30 total frame offerings, and I’ve so far been able to try out 30. Their overall line ranges from traditional aviators to sport glasses and everything in between.

Just a small sample of available frame styles

Durability – All of the frames I’ve tried are made of a dense plastic, which I’ve found to be quite sturdy and hold up well to the punishment of being dropped on the ground, thrown in the cart or stored in my golf bag.

Fit – I have a medium to large sized head and found all the frames to fit me nicely. I have no concerns with them falling off my nose when looking down, and there’s no squeeze against the side of my head.

I do like that some of the frames have rubber nose pieces, which I think hold better in cooler weather. I like to wear the frames that are all one piece with plastic nose pieces when it’s hot out so I can easily wipe sweat and sunscreen from them.

Classic look of the Plasma frames

Upgrade your Eyewear

If you plan to be out on the course a lot this summer, then invest in your eyes. After all, your golf game will be even worse if you can’t see the ball!

I highly recommend the offerings from Sundog, especially for the quality and price point. Using our coupon code below you can pick up most of their styles and lenses from around $40.

Do yourself a favor and grab a couple pairs – you will not regret it.

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