Sunday Golf Loma Bag: The Sunday Stand Bag You’ve Always Wanted

Sometimes 14 clubs is way more than you need out on the course. Even just a trusty wedge, six-iron and putter can sometimes get the job done.

Whether you’re walking a par 3 or just hitting up the range for a small bucket, Sunday Golf has you covered with their Loma Bag.

Big Things Come in a Small Package

Weighing in at under 2 pounds and standing 31 inches tall, the folks at Sunday Golf have packed a lot of features, details and function into this small bag. After unpacking the bag there were three attributes I took note of right away:

1. The first thing I noticed was the handle. Sunday’s oversized grip that sticks out from the bag makes it extremely easy to pick up and maneuver.

Oversized Handle

2. The quality of the zippers and material of the bag. Sunday Golf uses high-end materials to construct a great product.

3. The number and quality of storage pockets. I’ve had a number of small carry bags in the past and none have come close to the storage space built into the Loma.

Side View of the Pockets

Cool Features

There are a few other really cool features on the Loma bag that I also want to call out:

1. The “Frosty Pocket”. This insulated pocket on the bag is meant to keep a beverage nice and cool for you as you walk the course or hit the range. This speaks volumes to the fact that this bag is all about fun.

The “Frosty Pocket”

2. Velcro area for your gloves. A new trend on golf bags is to have a small built-in velcro area to accommodate attaching gloves right to the bag. The Loma has added in a nice, oversized spot for glove storage which I really appreciate.

Glove Storage

3. There is a nice lined pocket at the top for your valuables like a phone, keys or watch. I think this is a great detail and something I use every time I take the bag out.

Valuables Pocket

Club Storage

The Loma bag can accommodate up to 7 clubs. I even tried fitting an oversized putter grip and had no issues:

Make sure you have some weight added to the bottom of your Loma bag. Whether a beverage or a couple of balls, I found the bag to be fairly top-heavy when there’s nothing in it to help balance out. Also, the bag does come with hooks to add a second strap but only one is included with your purchase.

Do I Need This Bag?

This bag was not something I knew I needed until I had it. I keep it in my trunk now next to my “normal” bag for when I’m just playing a casual round or hitting up the range.

I love not having to take a large golf bag with me, and the Loma is so light and convenient that I can just naturally grab it. I highly recommend picking one of these up and think you will use and love it, too.

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