One Under Golf GX40 Magnetic Speaker

Golf has yet to embrace the concept of the walk-up song, and the jams baseball players use to pump themselves up before their at-bats I think should apply to the tee box, as well.

Start the tradition with your buddies next time you play and make sure you have the high-powered One Under GX40 magnetic speaker to do it!

Getting Set Up

Out of the box this speaker is super easy to set up. If you are worried about technology and pairing things with your phone, have no fear. This took me literally 23 seconds from powering on to cranking tunes.

Charging up the battery is simple with the included power cord, and a full charge is reported to give you 18 hours of playtime. I am currently 3 rounds in without charging and the speaker is still going strong!

Sound Quality

The most important question with any speaker is: “How does it sound?” I am happy to report that the GX40 has tremendous sound clarity and volume. If you crank this up on the course you will hear it three holes over. With that being said, I liked having it on for the round at low volume just for some background noise as I played.

The volume and pause buttons are easily accessible along the top so I could adjust based on my surroundings at the time.

Not being a huge audiophile I could not tell the difference between the various equalizer settings, so I would just recommend picking the one that sounds best to you. The best thing I can say, though, is that the music sounded like it should based on the genres in my playlist.

Cool Features

The GX40 has more than a few cool features that make it stand out from other products on the market, including:

  1. It is IPX7 waterproof, meaning you could take this speaker swimming. Not that I would recommend it, but if you encounter a rain storm while playing it doesn’t mean the tunes have to stop.
  2. There is an integrated microSD card slot. This is a very unique feature on a speaker and worth noting because it allows you to preload music on to the speaker and not worry about connecting via Bluetooth on your phone. I really love this feature and it’s one I will be using to keep from being reliant on my phone to supply all the tunes.
  3. The dual magnets on the bottom ensure that this speaker is not going anywhere. I had absolutely no issues out on the course with it holding tight to the cart.
  4. The 100ft range meant that I never lost connection to my phone even if I kept it in my pocket. This was really nice as there are times when I may pocket my phone to head to the green or take a picture and I didn’t have the constant distraction of reconnecting to the speaker each time.
  5. Multi-speaker pairing. If you feel the need, you can pair two of the speakers together for an even more immersive sound. While I did not try this on my tests you could in theory have a speaker in each cart to ensure that you are all rocking out to the same tunes.

Company Mission

One Under is a growing brand, and as a fellow small golf business looking for a strong mission and goal is important. One Under has made their core mission all about youth golf and accessibility for the next generation, and that is why I think they are a great company to support not only for their quality products but for the way they seek to grow the game.

“Our commitment for youth is an extension of our commitment as a whole for golfers. Having young children who love golf themselves we want to see more juniors involved. Our commitment is to continue providing high quality products at an affordable price allowing more families to enjoy the game.  We have goals to continue growth allowing the opportunity to hold camps, sponsor youth in tournaments, provide access, etc.  As a brand, we want to make sure that ALL know golf is a good time!!”

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