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Duca Del Cosma continues to deliver exceptional shoes with a unique, elegant style for golfers worldwide. A brand of Italian origin, the European influence on the overall design and quality is evident. If you’re looking for a shoe that shouts luxury, performance and sophistication then this is seriously the brand for you.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the Elpaso and Tomcat shoes from Duca’s lineup. Having already tested the Belair series I knew to expect a great quality shoe. My thoughts on these two new models are outlined below…

El Paso

With an understated yet elegant design, the Elpaso collection by Duca Del Cosma is the perfect everyday pair of golf shoes.

The soft, dark navy blue leather uppers and dark orange tubing go with almost everything in my golf wardrobe, and they are as comfortable as any kicks I’ve got.

The first thing you notice with these shoes is the comfort. From the first time I put them on, they fit beautifully and there was never a wear-in period.

If you’re looking for a great saddle-like golf shoe, this could certainly be the one.


The Tomcat shoes are one of the sportier looking models in Duca Del Cosma’s lineup. I was particularly excited to try them as I love wearing my Belair shoes but was still hoping for something a little less formal.

The first thing I noticed when trying on these shoes is that they make me a little bit taller. What I mean by that is they have a fairly high sole.

The Tomcat features a memory foam sole which contributes to this extra height. I honestly only noticed this for about 30 seconds and then had no issues with it at all. The comfort this extra thick sole adds is quite worth the brief adjustment period.

The styling and color scheme of these shoes is great, too. I opted for the patriotic red white and blue, but you can get them in a more subdued gray, as well. You will notice that the company logo “C” is a little more masked with this color scheme, blending in nicely slightly forward of its middle.

The spike pattern on the Tomcats is a bit different. The rear spikes are more rounded and the front of the shoe features a circular layout. I would guess this was done to provide greater mobility when swinging by allowing your feet to rotate more naturally with the spikes, but I didn’t notice a difference out on the course. The traction overall was fine and I had no issues on wet or side hill lies.

The Tomcat is advertised as fully waterproof and I can confirm that to be true. Don’t be fooled by the mesh appearance of the shoe – these are going to perform great in rainy weather.

Invest in a Great Pair of Shoes

Golf shoes from Duca Del Cosma can be considered an investment. The price of a pair is on the higher end with models starting at $170 and topping out around $230. I do feel, however, that these are well worth the investment.

While the style of some of their shoes may not be for everyone, there are plenty of models in their lineup that any golfer can pull off. These shoes are going to last you a long time, after all, and will certainly pay for themselves in birdies (fingers crossed).

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