Stewart Golf Q-Follow Electric Caddy: Golf’s Best E-Caddy

“The Leader in Follow” – I personally think Stewart has one of the most creative tag lines to describe their product offerings in the entire electric cart lineup.

The latest cart offered by Stewart is the Q-Follow. This electric caddy combines exceptional portability, 7th generation follow technology and the refined performance golf enthusiasts have come to expect from Stewart.

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First Impressions

The Q-Follow came ready to roll right out of the box. There was no required assembly – just charge the battery and you’re ready to go. There are some quick start instructions, though, which I read through after I had a hard time figuring out how to unfold the cart. I quickly learned that the top handle section is held by a latch connected to the top bag holder. This is something I have never seen before, but once I got it the remaining setup was perfectly simple. You can check out the setup process in the brief video below.

Stewart Q-Follow setup

Weight and Size

The Q-Follow is one of the most compact units that I have ever tested and has what I think is the best built-in handle for carrying. There is no need to flip the wheels or remove the back stabilizer – everything folds neatly into a small, compact form that fits easily in any trunk.

I was really impressed with how secure all the pieces felt when folded up, and the latches are easy to toggle to complete the setup. The total weight of the unit is about 37 pounds, with 6 of those being the battery. It’s very easy to pick up, though, especially with its convenience handle.

Overall Dimensions
Convenient Carry Handle
Comparison of overall size to Sun Mountain push cart

Will My Bag Fit?

I tested every size bag on the Q-Follow from lightweight carries to full staffs. The straps strain a little on the largest bag, but I had no issues with it once I got them attached.

One thing that is different about the Q-Follow is that it has a smaller base to secure your bag to. I was worried initially about the bag sliding off because of it but that was never even remotely a problem.

The Stewart website suggests using a mid-size cart bag to ensure stability and avoid overloading the cart, but I tried the cart for a round with an extremely heavy staff bag and it still performed great!

Out on the Course

After taking the Q-Follow out for a few rounds, here are my thoughts on the trolley and its overall performance:

  1. The compact size of the cart and easy handle make this the easiest cart I’ve tested as far as setup and stowage in my trunk.
  2. The dual front wheels are amazing for stability and provide confidence across any terrain.
  3. The power of this cart is tremendous, and I was able to traverse any hills with ease. I also tested going through heavy grass and found it to perform exemplary.
  4. The cart is whisper quiet and emits no audible noise from the remote or motors that can potentially disrupt playing partners.
  5. The remote control function is highly responsive and I never had an issue losing signal.
  6. The follow mode is the best I’ve used. I like the ability to trigger follow from any location around the cart and never lost connection going over uneven terrain.
  7. The rear stabilizer wheel does not protrude very far out like in some models, but it still provides plenty of support, when needed.
  8. It has smooth, dynamic downhill breaking, making me confident that the cart will not roll out of control.
  9. I never had an issue with the cart stopping when in follow mode. As soon as it entered a zone within a few paces around me, it stopped automatically.

Check out my on-course test video, embedded below:


Stewart offers a wide range of accessories to pair with your Q-Follow. It has 4 clips to attach accessories as well as a threaded screw hole for an umbrella. Having the space for 5 accessory attachments is the most I’ve personally seen on an electric cart.

While my test of the unit did not include any of these extra accessories (and none are currently included with the cart at time of purchase), here are some of the items offered for sale as accessories on the Stewart website.

Remote / Battery

The Q-Follow’s included remote control is on the larger size but is similar to many other carts’ on the market. It is not something that you will be putting in your pocket between shots, anyways, as it clips to your belt to remain linked to the caddy. There is a rubberized shell that comes with the remote, but I found myself going without it.

The 30ah lithium ion smart power battery is reported to last 36 holes, and I would agree that you should easily get two rounds in on a single charge with this cart. After using the Q-Follow for a full 18 holes on a very hilly course, for example, I had 55% battery remaining. I would personally recommend charging after every round, though, to make sure you never have to worry about running out of battery.

The Q-Follow does not have a battery indicator built into the cart or battery. To check the status of your battery life, it instead has a smart power battery app. There is no cost for this app and it connects to your cart via Bluetooth. Along with some basic data on the battery’s health, it shows you the remaining charge. I’ve found myself checking the app after every round and still have not run it close to where I was ever at any danger of it dying on me.


The Q-Follow has 3 modes for navigating the golf course including follow, remote and manual.

Remote – The remote function on the unit works just like changing the channels on your TV. There are arrows for forward, reverse, left, right and stop. The cart is super responsive to all the commands and I’ve been able to control the cart 40 yards down the fairway without any issues. The remote also includes two programmable buttons that allow you to set a speed you’re comfortable with so you don’t have to adjust it each time you engage remote mode.

Follow – The 7th generation follow mode on the Q-Follow is what sets this cart apart from other electric caddies. You can initiate the follow mode with a single button click on the remote from anywhere within and around the cart at a 2-3 pace distance. I’ve found that the cart immediately snaps in my direction, and after clipping the remote to my belt it follows me down the fairways with ease.

Manual Mode – While in tight spaces, on bridges or in the parking lot it’s recommended using manual mode. This is done by holding the handle and controlling the direction of the cart. You will still need to start the cart moving using the remote arrow, but pick a pace that is slow and controlled and you will not have any issues making your directional adjustments with the handle.

Items to consider

Following my thorough testing of the unit there are a couple of items I would suggest taking note of before you purchase:

  1. The handle assembly at times has felt flimsy with a heavy bag on the cart. While I only had to maneuver it one or two times manually during a round it was something that worried me.
  2. The small base on the cart has never been an issue during my tests, but I do wish there was a little more that my bag was sitting on if for peace of mind only.
  3. The treads on the tires seem prone to wear and that was noticeable after a few rounds. I have not had any issues with traction, however, so this may be a non-issue.
  4. The remote is medium-sized compared to other brands but is still too bulky to slip into your pocket comfortably (not an issue if using follow mode as it clips to your belt).
  5. I did notice that if stopped on a steep hill the unit will roll just a bit. I recommend parking it at an angle to avoid any unwanted movement.
  6. While you can set the wheels to free spin mode to push the cart if you do lose power (which should never happen if you charge it between rounds and stick to 2 rounds/day), I would not recommend using it in free spin mode as a replacement for a non-motorized cart.

An investment in your game

Much like a new driver, putter or swing lesson, the Q-Follow is really an investment in your golf game. Not only will it take the literal load of your bag off your shoulders but the exceptional performance of the follow mode will leave you always focused on your next shot.

The long battery life, ease of transport and truly hands-free operation lead me to rate this cart very highly.

The one thing that may hold you back is the price tag. This cart costs around $2,900, making it one of the most expensive electric caddies on the market today. If the follow mode is important to you and you’re looking for something really top-of-the-line, I would say the performance of the Q-Follow absolutely justifies its cost.

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