The Vertx by Stewart Golf: An Electric Caddy that Exceeds All Expectations

Stewart Golf is currently celebrating their 20th year in the Electric Caddy space, and their latest offering, the “Vertx,” showcases their knowledge and leadership of the industry.

The Vertx sits in the top tier of the Stewart Golf offerings as a strong complement to their flagship Q-Follow and X10 Follow models. Designed with innovation and convenience in mind, this electric caddy will elevate your golf experience.

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From the moment you set eyes on the Stewart Golf Vertx, you can tell it’s something special. Its sleek, modern design is visually appealing and exudes a sense of quality and craftsmanship. The Vertx is not just functional; it’s a statement piece on the golf course. From the bespoke wheels to the carbon fiber trim, the Vertx looks as good as it works.


The Vertx is ready to go right out of the box. If you are someone who is averse to tools or just impatient to play with a new toy like me, this is a huge bonus. I simply charged the main battery and remote and was ready to go.

The size and weight of the Vertx is similar to most electric caddies on the market today. Its 31 pounds is not unmanageable but just make sure to lift with your knees!

The Vertx has a 3 point folding system and I would recommend watching the video below that I made for the Q-Follow as it works the same:

Securing Your Bag

I have found straps on any cart electric or not to be important to mention so golfers feel comfortable that their bag will fit. The top rubberized silicon strap of the Vertx was easy to size and adjust to secure my bag. I always secure the strap thru my bag handle and I never felt like my bag was going to slip off the Vertx.

Top Elastic Strap

The bottom strap on the Vertx is a little quirky, in my opinion. It is a single-sized elastic band that is not resizable. I found that in order to hold the bag secure you have to stretch the band up the bottom of your bag. The height that you will need to stretch it will vary by the bag you’re using. While this may take a while to get used to, I have had no issues with the bottom of the bag falling off the cart.

Bottom Strap

Out On The Course

Taking the Vertx out on the course for the first time, I found it very simple to control and maneuver with the remote. Unlike the other Stewart models, the Vertx does not have follow technology. I would recommend keeping the Vertx in front of you while walking, but you don’t need to have a short leash. I found myself easily able to send the Vertx 100 to 120 yards down the fairway without issue.


The other positive of the Vertx is just how quiet it is. You can feel comfortable knowing you will not distract your playing partners if you are moving your cart even during swings.


The built-in anti-tip wheels on the Vertx make this cart a true master of the hills. The small profile of its wheels and minimal extension out the back may worry initial users of this cart, but I can assure you it will stay upright. The four-wheel design and center-mounted battery also add to the Vertx’s stability.

Anti-Tip Wheels


The handle on the Vertx is something that I feel is worth mentioning. A single upright column splits into dual posts with a padded handle to cap it off. The Vertx has plenty of areas to attach accessories such as a cup holder, umbrella mount and handset cradle.

While the Vertx is designed to be maneuvered with a remote, I did find the handle to not be as sturdy as I would have liked. The handle has a lot of give when the cart is fully loaded, sometimes making it hard to steer. I found myself touching the handle only a few times per round, though, so this was not a deal breaker for me.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Golf rounds can be quite long, and the last thing you want is for your electric caddy to run out of juice halfway through. The Vertx doesn’t disappoint in this department, boasting an impressive battery life with a 27- or 45-hole option. I tested the extended battery and with a light carry bag was able to get about 48 holes before recharging. You can trust it to keep up with your game, no matter how many holes you play.

The Vertx, like other Stewart caddies, does not have a built-in battery indicator. A proprietary app connected via Bluetooth is instead needed to visualize battery levels. I found myself not using this during the round but checked it once I finished just to know if I needed to charge or not.


The remote functionality of the Vertx makes it as simple to operate as a television remote. While I would prefer the remote have a smaller profile I didn’t find it to be inconvenient while clipped to my belt. There are no controls on the cart itself so everything must be done through the remote. It does clip nicely to the handle if you would prefer to leave it there during your shots.

Foldable and Compact

When your round is over, the Vertx Electric Caddy folds down into a compact size that’s easy to store in your car trunk or garage. Its space-saving design makes it a practical choice for golfers who are tight on storage space. The convenient carry handle makes this one of the easiest carts to lift and maneuver, in my opinion.

Effortless Maneuverability

One of the most important features of the Vertx Electric Caddy is its effortless maneuverability. With a powerful electric motor, this caddy glides smoothly across the fairway, making it feel like you’re strolling through the park rather than lugging a heavy bag. The precise controls allow you to steer it effortlessly, even on the hilliest of courses. This is all due to another Stewart Innovation: Active Terrain Control.

Active Terrain Control

You may ask “What is Active Terrain Control (ATC), and do I need it in my Electric Caddy?” The short answer is yes, you will never go back to a cart without it. Stewart has really delivered a game changer with this new functionality.

So what exactly does ATC do?

  1. Micro adjustments are made to power output in the motors to keep consistent movement in any terrain and the caddy moving in a nice, straight path
  2. Power is automatically added or reduced when climbing or descending so you don’t need to touch your remote
  3. The ATC configuration also allows the Vertx to take advantage of energy regeneration. This is similar to today’s electric cars where the Vertx will recharge its own battery while heading downhill

Comparing the Vertx with its Active Terrain Control to other models you can clearly see the difference. Its smoothness of operation and dynamic speed adjustments really set it apart.


The Stewart Golf Vertx Electric Caddy is a true game-changer in the market of electric caddies. Its sleek design, effortless maneuverability, long-lasting battery life and advanced technology make it a must-have for golfers looking to elevate their game and enjoy the sport. With the Vertx you can say good bye to the physical strain of carrying your golf bag and have a more enjoyable and relaxed round of golf.

Buying a Stewart Golf Vertx Electric Caddy is not just a purchase but an investment in your golf experience. With this exceptional piece of equipment by your side, you’ll be able to focus more on your swing and less on the logistics of getting around the course. So, go ahead and treat yourself to the luxury and convenience of the Stewart Golf Vertx and get excited to walk the course with ease.

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