Stewart X10 Follow: A Serious Electric Caddy for the Serious Golfer

I had the opportunity last season to use one of the flagship electric caddies from Stewart Golf: The X10 Follow. I had never walked as many rounds as I did this past season and I can attribute that solely to the use of electric caddies. Walking is by far the best way to experience a golf course, and these e-caddies serve as the ultimate enabler to do it. While there are a multitude of brands competing in today’s market, if you’re looking for the Cadillac of electric caddies then Stewart is the way to go!

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed about the X10 Follow was the overall size. The X10 has a big profile, but that is not necessarily a bad thing, I’ll elaborate more later! The caddy requires no assembly and only has one lever to collapse the handle. I was impressed with how intuitive it was to install the battery, unfold the handle and head out on the course. If you get frustrated with other carts’ endless snaps, levers and buttons then the X10 could not be any simpler.

Q Follow (Left), X10 Follow (Right)

Weight and Size

As I mentioned before, the X10 Follow has a larger profile but is by no means unmanageable with a total weight of 34 pounds without the battery. This is comparable to most electric caddies in the industry and most golfers should be able to easily maneuverer it in and out of their cars.

The overall footprint of the cart (dimensions listed below) is also similar to others, but without many folding components it remains a little bit larger to transport.

  • Height: 12.59″
  • Width: 26″
  • Length: 32″

Getting the X10 Follow in and out of your trunk will require two hands to grip both the front and rear of the unit. I would make sure you’re comfortable lifting 35 pounds without issue before investing in any electric cart.

Will My Bag Fit?

I tested every sized bag on the X10 Follow, from lightweight stand/carry models to cart and full staff bags, and they all worked fine. The sturdiness of the base and solid handle make for an amazingly stable bag platform. While the Stewart website suggests using a mid-size cart bag to ensure stability and avoid overloading the cart, I did use the X10 Follow for a round with an extremely heavy staff bag and found it to still perform great.

X10 Follow and Q Follow Fleet in Action

What I really like about the X10 Follow is the bag cradle and base. While many carts have swivel arms that adjust to the bag width the Stewart X10 has a nice static cradle that holds any sized bag snug. This static cradle also minimizes the complexity of the caddy, which is again great for those looking for simplicity.

X10 Cradle
Q Follow Cradle

With about half of the bag’s base resting on the cart, the secure bottom strap ensures there will be no issues with it falling off/out, even during the bumpiest of rounds (our round at The Club at Lac La Belle, for example, was extremely bumpy).

Out on the Course

After taking the X10 Follow out for a few rounds, here are my thoughts on the caddy and its overall performance:

  1. The handle on the X10 is about a hand and a half wide. It is meant to be a handle for you to guide the unit, not to fully push it.
  2. The dual front wheels are amazing for stability and provide confidence across any terrain. This is a great benefit of a 4-wheel cart versus similar 3-wheel models.
  3. The power of this cart is tremendous, and I was able to traverse all hills with ease. I also tested going through heavy grass and found it to perform exceptionally well.
  4. The cart is whisper quiet and emits no audible noise from the remote nor motors that can potentially disrupt playing partners.
  5. The remote control function is highly responsive and I’ve never had an issue with it losing signal.
  6. The follow mode is the best I’ve used. I like the ability to trigger follow from any location around the cart and never lose connection going over uneven terrain.
  7. The rear stabilizer is a built-in static roll bar. I was initially worried about this providing enough tip prevention but have had no issues at all.
  8. The X10 Follow has smooth, dynamic downhill breaking, making me confident that the cart will not roll out of control.
  9. The follow mode is ultra-responsive. As soon as it enters a zone within a few paces around me, it stops automatically. You won’t have to worry about it running over your ankles.


Stewart offers a wide range of accessories to pair with your X10 Follow, including everything from wheels to cupholders, bags and umbrellas. The most common accessory you will want is the cupholder. Accessories mount to the top of the handle bar and require a very simple install.

Remote Attached to the Handle
Remote Clip

While my testing of the unit did not include any of these extra accessories (and none are currently included with the cart at time of purchase), here are a few offered on the Stewart Golf website.

Remote / Battery

The X10 Follow’s included remote control is on the larger size but is similar to many other carts’ on the market. It is likely not something you will be putting in your pocket between shots, anyways, and if you want to keep it on you it will conveniently clip to your belt. While it includes a rubberized shell for weather protection with the remote, I’ve found myself mostly going without it. If there is a possibility of rain, the X10 has been designed and tested in the rain soaked isle of Britain so you should be able to motor on with no issue!

The X10 comes with an 18- or 36-hole battery option, and the 12v, 30amp lithium ion smart power battery has plenty of power. While I only tested the 18-hole option, I had no problems getting a full round in with juice to spare. If you’re worried about having to charge the battery after each round, I would recommend opting for the 36-hole version.

The X10 Follow does not have a battery indicator built into the cart or battery, which is one feature I wish was part of the cart.


The X10 Follow has 3 modes for navigating the golf course, including follow, remote and manual:

Remote – The remote function on the unit works just like changing the channels on your TV. There are arrows for forward, reverse, left, right and stop. The cart is super responsive to all the commands and I’ve been able to control it 40 yards down the fairway with ease. The remote also includes two programmable buttons that allow you to set a speed you’re comfortable with so you won’t have to adjust it each time you engage remote mode.

Follow – The 7th generation follow mode on the X10 is what sets this cart apart from other electric caddies. You can initiate the follow mode with a single button click on the remote from anywhere within and around the cart at a 2-3 pace distance. I’ve found that the cart immediately snaps in my direction, and after clipping the remote to my belt follows me leisurely down the fairways. Check out the video below to get a sense of how Stewart’s follow technology works:

Manual Mode – While in tight spaces, on bridges or in the parking lot it’s recommended using manual mode. This is done by holding the handle and controlling the direction of the cart. You will still need to start the cart moving by using the remote arrow, but pick a pace that is slow and controlled and you will have no issues making your directional adjustments with the handle.

Items to consider

After a season of use, here are my thoughts on the X10 Follow for you to consider before purchasing:

  1. The size of the X10 Follow does not make it the most compact electric caddy to transport, so consider your trunk space. If you’re looking for a more portable unit then check out the Q-Follow.
  2. The plastic battery cover has at times rattled loose when not secured well, so make sure it is attached firmly.
  3. The treads on the tires seem prone to wear and that was noticeable after a few rounds. I have not had any issues with traction, however, so this may be a non-issue.
  4. The remote is medium-sized compared to other brands but is still too bulky to slip into your pocket comfortably (not an issue if using follow mode as it clips to your belt, and you’ll typically be holding it when in remote mode).
  5. I did notice that if stopped on a steep hill the unit will roll just a bit. I recommend parking it at an angle to avoid any unwanted movement.

A Serious Gift For Yourself

Mark Stewart and Luke Cummins from Stewart Golf

The WiscoGolfAddict team had the amazing opportunity to play a round this past summer with the owner of Stewart Golf, Mark Stewart, and a couple other members of his team. Their passion for golf, pride in the company’s product and the amazing fun we had on the course makes Stewart one of my favorite companies in the golf industry today.

So, if you you are SERIOUS about your golf game in 2023 then the X10 Follow is the electric caddy for you. Using this caddy will get you excited to walk the course again and leave the worry of carrying your clubs behind! Literally your clubs will be behind you as the X10 automatically follows you down the fairway.

The X10 Follow does have a $2,600 price tag, making it one of the more expensive electric caddies on the market today, but if follow mode is make-or-break to you and you’re looking for top-of-the-line quality then I will say that this cart is certainly worth the cost.

Get your very own Stewart X10-Follow from the Stewart website

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