WiscoGolfAddict's Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers 2023 (header image)

WiscoGolfAddict’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

The team at WiscoGolfAddict works year-round to test and review top golf products across the industry and here are many of our favorites - many with discount codes to help you save additional money on great gear for yourself or that special golf enthusiast in your life.

Pinned Golf (cover)

Pinned Golf: Mission Critical

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A fast and accurate tool at an affordable price, Pinned Golf's Prism rangefinder is a great buy!

TecTecTec ULT-S Pro & Team8: A Perfect Pair for the Course

Conquer the course with the ULT-S Pro Rangefinder and Team 8 Speaker, the perfect pairing from TECTECTEC!

Mullybox: Unbox the Fun & Intrigue (header)

Mullybox: Unbox the Fun & Intrigue

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Opening a Mullybox is like opening a pack of baseball cards - you never know what's going to be in there! Unlike cards, though, you can rest assured it'll be worth much more than you paid for it.

2Putt Apparel & Accessories header

2Putt Apparel and Accessories: Don’t Settle for Ordinary Style

This up-and-coming brand features a distinctive and trendy look, with comfortable outerwear and a full suite of branded accessories that will ensure you don't "two-putt" on your golf style.

The Vertx by Stewart Golf: An Electric Caddy that Exceeds All Expectations

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The Vertx is the newest offering from Stewart Golf. This caddy will have you walking the course in style and comfort. Built with the same legendary Stewart quality and at a great price point, the Vertx is a great option for every golfer.

Omada Golf Releases great new Accessories and Bags

Update your game with new gear from Omada Golf. Featuring high quality bags, coolers and hats. Discount Code: WISCO (15% off)