Duca Del Cosma: Premium Italian Leather Golf Shoes

“Wow!” That was my first reaction when I opened the shoebox. Maybe now I finally know what the sudden wave of happiness feels like when my wife unboxes an expensive pair of heels.

I was blown away by these golf shoes not only in looks but quality. Just feeling the leather I could tell these were the nicest pair of shoes I have ever owned, and if you’re looking for something to set you apart on the course then these are the golf shoes for you! There are so many unique style and color combinations from this company that I have never seen before. You will certainly find something that is for you.


I am a range of sizes in shoes from 11-12, usually settling at an 11.5 due to my wide feet. Duca Del Cosma does not have half sizes so I am glad that I went with a size 12. The shoes fit perfectly on my feet. The leather is a bit stiff but I expect that to break in over the course of a couple rounds.

The shape of the shoe is very classic, and I like the look of a narrow, rounded toe when I’m looking down at my shot. There are a number of companies with goofy square and other odd shaped toes that really mess with my eyes when I am squaring up to the ball.  

Out on the Course 

These shoes have built-in spikes, which seems to be the case with a good number of shoes these days. I did like the grips on these better than my FootJoys . I felt there was not only better grip but that they were more evenly distributed across the sole of the shoe. I never slipped out of a swing, but still felt like I had some freedom of movement which sometimes you don’t get with the removable spike shoes.

I am always curious to see how shoes perform under wet conditions as that seems to be most of my rounds. When I took these shoes out the ground was definitely wet but it wasn’t raining. I didn’t actively look for puddles but the shoes got plenty wet. Although feeling really guilty for getting anything on these works of art, my feet stayed perfectly dry. These shoes feel like they would be great on colder days and early morning rounds, but I think they may run a little hot in the middle of a July round. 


Walking for 9 holes in my Duca del Cosmas was perfectly comfortable. While the leather is still a little stiff, again I am sure it will break in after a few more rounds. Size 12 was definitely the right call so go up a size if you are on the fence about what to get.

One thing I appreciated is that the heel of the shoe has extra stiff leather on it. I felt this helped keep my heel in place and didn’t feel any concern about my foot bending awkwardly during a swing. I wanted to test the firm heel against my current shoes so I put on my pair of FootJoys right after and the difference was night and day.  

Do I need another pair of shoes? 

Trust me, you will not regret an investment in these shoes. They are by far the nicest shoes that have ever graced my feet, and to say I felt like a million bucks is an understatement. It is truly a quality shoe and has an amazing look. I think you will get a number of second glances on the course in these, and while I cannot guarantee you will shoot your best round ever maybe you will at least feel like you did with Duca Del Cosmas on your feet!

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