ECCO Biom: The Golf Shoe You’ll Never Retire

While I would not consider myself to be a sneaker head, I do love golf shoes and enjoy having enough pairs that I’m able to coordinate my outfits well.

My wife says I get my golf outfits ~ 90% right. Whether that other 10% can be blamed on my hat, socks or because I’m wearing navy blue with black, it’s rarely because of my kicks.

I have had a blank space, though, over the past couple years when it comes to having a great pair of white golf shoes. White shoes a lot of times look too big and clunky to me, so while I’ve kept an eye out for the right pair I’ve been leaning heavily on black, navy blue and brown options while on the course.

ECCO: The Brand

I’ve had great history with the ECCO brand. My first ever pair, the Biom Hybrids shown below from around 2010, were literally my favorite pair of overall shoes for years. They were so comfortable and low-profile that I wore them everywhere – both on the course and out on the town.

I wore them so much, in fact, that I wore holes in them. If you’ve had your own pair of ECCO’s in the past you’ll know that’s really hard to do, but tempting – they’re that comfortable.

My 1st pair of ECCO Biom Hybrid shoes, which I’ve owned for ~ 10 years

ECCO Biom G5

When ECCO announced their new Biom G5’s, it was time to finally update my shoe selection.

The G5 is a mid-height low-top that’s sporty and athletic yet incredibly functional. Its Zarma-Tour spikes provide great traction while remaining easy to walk in, and its Gore-Tex technology provides 100% waterproofing for playing in inclement conditions.

The G5’s removable, washable Ortholite inlays are beautifully cushioned, providing extreme comfort, and ECCO’s Natural Motion technology allows for natural, athletic movement while providing all the support great athletes like us golf enthusiasts require.


ECCO sizes accurately or up to a half-size large and uses the EU sizing system. I typically wear a size 12, which equates to a 46 in EU and translates to 12/12.5 US. The fit for me with my new G5’s is comfortable and maybe slightly snug, which just means I have to tighten them less using their BOA lacing system.

I sometimes get some soreness or blisters following my first round with a new pair of golf shoes, and that was nowhere near the case with these.

BOA lacing system

The new G5’s feature the BOA lacing system. If you’re unfamiliar with what this is, it takes the place of standard shoelaces and instead has a small wheel to rotate that tightens the shoe.

There are a couple of really nice things about this system:

  1. The BOA system provides a consistently snug fit, unlike when you tighten the top sections of laces and the bottom ones remain loose
  2. The BOA system doesn’t accidentally untie and leave the laces on the ground or floor, especially in those nasty on-course restrooms

To “untie” the BOA system, simply lift up on the radial control and the grip will loosen.

On the course

My first round with the ECCO Biom G5’s could not have gone much better. It was a little windy, kind of cool and rainy at North Hills but I was dialed in. While this could be for a myriad of reasons, the only difference in my equipment was the shoes.

My feet felt well-grounded and sturdy, and incredibly comfortable. I made a ton of putts and pounded the ball off the tee. Is keeping my feet in a more solid position that important? I’ll probably be sticking with these spiked shoes for awhile to see if it’s more than just a trend.

A few of my tee shots at North Hills during my first round with the new G5’s

As you can see from my Arccos stats (above), my driving game was on (although I did duckhook several tee shots, too) and left me big opportunities to score. My wedge game, on the other hand, was a little off, mishitting 4 short pitch shots (2 of which landed in traps) and resulting in an 83.

I was comfortable the entire round, though, and for the most part found myself in great positions and hitting shots that at least started out on line. I have loved my first couple rounds with these new G5’s.

ECCO Biom C4

While I’ve been getting used to my new spikeless G5’s, WiscoGolfAddict Contributing Wrtier Troy Giljohann has been breaking in his ECCO Biom C4’s:

A medium-weight golf shoe comprised of leather and mesh materials, this spikeless shoe is the perfect option for frequent walkers and will play well in any condition outside of pouring rain.

Troy’s new ECCO Biom C4 spikeless golf shoes

The overall styling of the Biom C4’s is very classic when looking from the top-down, and the red and blue side accents give me a patriotic feeling with the screams of “USA.. USA!” ringing from the Ryder Cup grandstands. I think this coloring is a cool feature that provides a little flair without being over-the-top loud.

Ventilation slots are built into the shoe to help keep your feet cool during those hot rounds and the GORE-TEX surround is 100% waterproof for wet mornings and light mists. I was perfectly comfortable during my cool Wisconsin October rounds with these on.

I’ve found the C4’s to be a little on the narrow side, so when determining shoe size I’d recommend going up a half size if you have wider feet like I do.


The ECCO Biom C4’s spikeless tread pattern is different than any other brand of golf shoe I’ve worn. The tread actually reminds me more of a running shoe than a golf one, making them extremely comfortable but without quite as much traction as the G5’s with their traditional spikes, for example.

While I have not found this style of tread to be an issue for me out on the course, I can see needing more traction on slick playing surfaces.

Love the look of the Biom C4’s but are hell bent on your next pair of golf shoes featuring the BOA lacing system? ECCO also has BOA available on the C4’s – you can check them out along with other available colorways on their website.

Is ECCO worth the price?

Along with brands like Duca del Cosma and G/Fore, ECCO is a top-of-the-line brand by way of fit, feel and aesthetics. While I have only been able to use my new G5’s for a couple of rounds so far, I can already tell they’ve got the same great functionality as my last pair – and man I wore those puppies out! They were so comfortable that I literally wore them regularly both on and off the course for four or five YEARS and still haven’t allowed myself to get rid of them. On really dry days (because I eventually wore holes into their pivot sides), I’ll still wear them on occasion.

Whether for golf or regular life, premium-quality shoes are an investment worth spending money on, and over the past ten or so years I’ve come to know ECCO as being one of the game’s highest quality golf shoe brands.

My new ECCO Biom G5’s

Interested in getting your own pair of G5’s, C3’s, C4’s or H4’s? Order through ECCO’s website and let yourself fall in love with the quality and comfort of one of the game’s best golf shoes, too.

Get your next favorite pair of golf shoes from ECCO!

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