Bombas: My Favorite Socks for Golf & Everything Else

Ever since my wife bought me my first pair of Bombas in 2018 I’ve been hooked, buying more whenever a new collection comes out, as throw-in presents and stocking stuffers… you name it. Between my wife, kids and me we have over 100 pairs of Bombas in our house, and while at an average of well over $10/pair that has certainly come with a significant up-front cost we’ve built a great sock wardrobe that can probably last us forever.

Forever, you ask? Read on.

I wear Bombas socks for all parts of my life, whether working in our cold basement (their Merino wool socks are especially warm), going to business meetings, playing volleyball, basketball or walking the golf course. I like their colors, patterns and fit, but I especially like their quality and durability.

I started getting into socks around 2016, typically making my socks the one thing that stands out about my outfits – a flash of color or interesting pattern that when my pant leg’s a little lifted is a fun show of personality. I bought dozens and dozens of pairs of dress socks from Kohls, Allen Edmonds, J Crew and other retailers before finding Bombas and still have a lot of them in a dresser in the spare bedroom of our basement. Most of the longer ones have holes forming in their heels and are a wear or two away from joining the rest of my socks that have been tossed in the garbage.

My Bombas socks stay in the bottom drawer in our bedroom, though, are worn constantly and almost never wear down.

Bombas’ commitment to quality and the betterment of our world

Bombas prides itself on manufacturing socks so well-researched and manufactured that they’re warrantied for a full year and against quality issues for their lifetime. If, through regular use, you wear holes in them, put in a customer service request and they’ll replace them free of charge.

Especially during COVID, when I’d wear the same warmest pairs over and over and over again, it was inevitable. They’ve always stood behind their commitment to quality and durability and I’ve used this lifetime guarantee numerous times.

Bombas also does a lot of good for the world, donating a pair of socks for each pair purchased as well as a significant number of t-shirts and underwear to homeless shelters. To date, they’ve donated over 75 million items to a network of over 3,500 Giving Partners. My spending on socks helps others.

Picking the right socks for you

When you embark on starting your own collection of Bombas socks you’ll want to understand their product offering. The site has a lot of options, so make sure you know what you’re adding to your cart to get the footwear best suited for you and your lifestyle…


Bombas has a guide available on their website that shows which size to order based on shoe size. I wear a size 12 (US) shoe and am comfortable in large or XL socks.

For men:

For women:


Bombas come in no-show, ankle, quarter, calf and knee-high lengths.

I wear calf-length socks for business/my “Real World work” [as a Seniors Housing Operations Analyst], which as you’d guess go up to my calves.

I wear ankles or quarters for golf and playing sports. I wear ankle socks when wearing my Seamus Feel Players, for example, but wear quarters with more standard-sized shoes like the ECCO Biom G5, Duca del Cosma El Paso or Payntr X001, or with high-tops when playing volleyball or basketball.

I’ve tried no-show socks with other brands and never liked the fit, so I’ve never gotten them from Bombas. To show the length of them, though, I threw on a pair of my wife’s no-shows from another brand (below – no, I don’t usually wear women’s socks!). As you can see, they’re very short and rest just below the ankle – too short for my liking, but I know a lot of people are into it.

I also don’t have any knee-highs from Bombas, but can tell you they’d be most appropriate for skiing and snowboarding. I have similar knee-highs I use when skiing – they work almost like long underwear, are very warm and incredibly durable. I’ve got two total pairs that I’ve worn for every one of my skiing adventures in the past 12-15 years.

Sock length is important, so if you’re picking them for golf then chances are you’ll want to go with ankles, quarters or calves (especially for under long pants on cooler days).

Bombas golf socks

Bombas has branched out over the past few years from offering durable, comfortable socks for everyday living to include socks for running, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, yoga, cycling, tennis and, you guessed it, golf.

What’s the difference between a standard performance sock and a golf sock? Bombas golf socks are midweight with strategic zone cushioning, a mesh under-toe ventilation zone and overall thermoregulation (temperature control), allowing their cotton-poly yarn blend to breathe and wick moisture to reduce sweat and potential blisters.

Bombas golf socks worn with ECCO Biom G5 shoes and Primo Apparel joggers

Any die-hard golf enthusiast, especially when wearing a new pair of golf shoes, has had those hot-weather rounds where their feet get too warm. By the time you walk off the course there’s inevitably a spot on your feet that’s throbbing and will hurt for days. Bombas golf socks help defend against that. It also helps that they are very cool-looking socks with color combinations to match any golf outfit.

I played all of my rounds in Bombas socks last season, including three with never-before-worn shoes and can honestly say I’ve had no foot discomfort wearing any of them.

Kids socks

I know it’s ridiculous, but we love Bombas socks so much we even buy them for our kids, Charlie (5) and Quinn (4).

Why shouldn’t kids have the world’s comfiest socks, too? Charlie is currently aging into the youth size while Quinn’s little feet still fit in the toddler ones. They actually complain when we try putting non-Bombas socks on their feet during the winter (they do run a little warm), and these are the only socks they wear regularly.

Gripper socks

If you have hard floors and your kids run around a lot, make sure you get them socks with gripper bottoms!

I’ve made the mistake of ordering without grippers for our kids several times and, trust me, even a high-quality sock like Bombas is worthless without gripper bottoms if your kids slide around and fall on hardwood flooring.

Items of interest

L vs. R

If you’ve talked with somebody who’s passionate about Bombas, chances are you’ve heard about the “L vs. R” situation. Most of Bombas socks, including their golf line, are labeled “L” for left or “R” for right.

Does it make a difference which foot they go on? Sort of. As you can probably guess, extra padding is built into the sides used for pushing off athletically, but otherwise either sock will fit on either foot.

Invest in incredible socks that will last your life

Whether for golf, professional events, yoga, running or just keeping your feet warm, Bombas has high-quality socks for any lifestyle and occasion.

While they are more expensive than traditional socks, Bombas does have a great customer service program that will replace any hole-y socks at no charge for as long as you have them. Having taken them up on that promise on several occasions, I can say that this is a company that stands behind their product’s commitment to high quality.

Bombas socks do exactly what they say they will, and for that reason (and for their incredible lifetime guarantee and mission of donating a pair of socks for each pair purchased), I can’t recommend enough that you order a 3- or 4-pack and discover what I have: An investment in the comfort of your feet is an investment well worth making!

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