ORORO Gear: Heated Vests and Gloves for On and Off the Course

Cold weather and golf is unfortunately a reality we live with here in the Midwest, but it shouldn’t stop us from playing and even enjoying our rounds of golf.

I started testing heated gear for WiscoGolfAddict about a year ago, and a brand I’ve kept coming back around to is Ororo. After originally being turned on to them by a fellow Wisconsinite, the first heated apparel item I reviewed was their convertible Ororo Jacket. That jacket has become a staple in my bag because of its ability to convert between full-length and vest, not to mention its heated functionality.

After testing and reviewing my first Ororo jacket last year, I provided feedback to the designers around location of the battery and how it impacts a player’s swing. This feedback was taken into account with the release of their newest mens- and womens-specific golf vests.

After testing and reviewing my first Ororo jacket last year I provided feedback to the designers around location of the battery and how it impacts a players swing. They definitely took that into account with the release of their newest mens and womens specific golf vests.

Sizing / Fit

The sizing for Ororo apparel has become a bit more standardized with their new release. The first jacket I reviewed last year was an XL and fit like a traditional American large. The large sizing now fits more true to form, in my opinion, and after trying different sizes on at the PGA show I feel you can be confident in ordering your typical fit.

There are currently two vests in the Ororo lineup that fit a golfing profile well…

First is the classic heated vest, which is available in black, gray and white. This vest is a great option for on and off the course and has a very relaxed fit.

The battery is located on the left hip, which in my opinion doesn’t interfere with any swing motion. The fit on the bottom edge of the vest is a little loose and may affect your swing a bit depending on sizing and the tightness of fit. The heating elements on this vest are in the front, back and neck. A heated neck will change your life, so don’t overlook this feature. Additionally, the front heat on your lower core also warms your pockets. This is a great added benefit to ensure you stay fully warm.

Second in the Ororo heated vest lineup is their PrimaLoft golf vest, currently available in black for both men and women. This vest has a more snug fit around the arms and waist, ensuring there is no interference with the golf swing. Additionally, Ororo has moved the battery to the small of your back so it stays completely out of the way. I have not had the opportunity to try this vest out yet on the course but did throw it on at the PGA Show and thought it was great. I think this is a good option for many golfers.

Heated Gloves

With all this talk about keeping your body warm let’s not forget about your hands. The Buffalo heated gloves are the ultimate cheat code for morning rounds. Individual 2000mah batteries power the gloves providing consistent heat for about 2.5 hours in my testing. The batteries tuck nicely into a small zippered pocket located on your bottom forearm. I was really impressed with how fast they heat up and how long the batteries lasted.

The 3 temperature settings are controlled with a single button on the top of the glove. I found the highest setting to be great to get the gloves warmed in the morning and would then leave them on medium or low heat throughout the round.


The Ororo batteries are a nice blend between form and function. The compact size of the mini 5k battery for the vest was impressive for the amount of time it lasted. The small size and contouring shape of the glove batteries also made them extremely comfortable to wear.

Mini 5K battery included with the vest

All the batteries have convenient charge level indicators activated with a click of a button. The glove batteries are charged with a dual micro-USB cable which is provided. The vest battery is charged with a USB C cable and also features a USB A port in case you need to charge your phone or other devices on the course. I actually keep this battery in my bag all the time so I’m ready to charge any devices or heat my clothing.

Off the Course

Heated apparel has become a go-to item for me even when not on the course. The great thing about Ororo is their products can be used for daily wear and transition to the course with no issue.

The water resistance and washability of the vest make it perfect as an everyday item, and I often find myself with my kids sticking their hands in my vest pockets to keep them warm, too!

I won’t even consider going outside anymore without heated gloves. The amazing quality and durability of the Buffalo 2.0 heated gloves make them a must have. Besides having smartphone-compatible fingertips, the gripped palm ensures they can handle anything.

Heat Up Your Life

Now is as good a time as ever to get some heated apparel. Utilize it off the course until the first hints of spring arrive and smoothly transition onto the first tee. The styling, quality and benefit of heat will not have you regretting any sort of investment in your own Ororo wear.

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