Ororo Heated Golf Vests: Play Comfortably During the Shoulder Seasons

Battling the elements is something we have all dealt with as Midwest golfers, and with the first sights of green poking through the frozen tundra I’m sure we’re all anxious to get out on the course.

While the first rounds of the year usually result in minor frost bite, we consider it worth the price to shake off the winter rust. I’m sure I am not the only one who has a closet full of golf jackets and pullovers, but nothing that’s really meant to provide the warmth needed to combat those truly frigid rounds.

Looking for a better way to stay warm on the course I found myself researching heated apparel, came across the Ororo Heated Vest and decided to give it a spin.

Fit and Feel

Sizing – I went with a size large jacket and it ended up fitting well. I would say that sizing runs a little small, so if you are between sizing then go up. This is meant to be worn over a shirt or other pullover, as well, so a larger size makes sense.

Size Large: model is 6′ 190Lbs

Material – The jacket is comprised of a blend of polyester and spandex, giving the feel of wearing a traditional down vest with the benefit of flexible spandex side panels to avoid inhibiting your swing.

Sleeves – One of the biggest selling points of this jacket is the removable sleeves. Having the flexibility to have a full jacket for really cold rounds versus a vest for those mild but chilly days is great. The sleeves remove in about 10 seconds and are easily reattached with a single zipper.

Carry bag provided

Out on the Course

Battery – The vest includes a 5200 mAh battery that will power the jacket for 3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium or 10 hours on low. I tested this out on the course at a medium setting and got through my 4.5-hour round without any issues.

The battery sits in a small, zippered pocket on the inside of the jacket and includes a charging port for your phone, if needed.

Inside zippered pouch
USB A / C plugs along with DC plug for jacket

Staying Warm – The jacket has 4 areas that are heated, including the chest, back and collar. While the heating elements do not cover the entire jacket, they do provide enough coverage to keep you warm.

The wiring is nicely hidden and unnoticeable. I have owned heated jackets before, but this is the first one with a heating element in the neck. That was a pleasant surprise and now has me missing it when using other jackets.

Heat setting button on chest

Swing – I tried playing in both the jacket and vest, and here is what I found. The jacket with the sleeves was comfortable to swing in, but I don’t think I would wear it for an entire round. I feel the sleeves are best for when you get to the course and spend time warming up. Zipping off the sleeves and using it as a vest allowed for a more comfortable and natural swing, in my opinion.

The battery is something to note when you’re swinging. Although it sits in the zippered pocket close to your body, you can still feel it move a little in your swing. While it was not a huge distraction, you will need to get used to it.

Ororo’s larger, slightly heavier battery pack is necessary to provide the hours of heat this vest kicks out.

An additional feature I really liked was the magnetic collar. Sewn into the edges of the collar points are magnets that fasten to the chest, which keep the collar from brushing across your face when swinging.

Magnetic collar

Do I need this?

Staying warm is half the battle during Spring and Fall golf in the Midwest, and the Ororo golf vest definitely gives you a leg up on anyone without it or something similar.

I think the ability to have the full-sleeved or vest option makes this a versatile jacket that can replace multiple items in your wardrobe, and it’s a great jacket even if you don’t use the heated feature!

At the current price point of $200, it is a slight investment but not overpriced when compared to other heated clothing options. The heated neck, long battery life and magnetic collar make this jacket as good of an option as I’ve found in the space.

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