Galway Bay All-Weather Golf Apparel: This Gear is THE BEST

It’s been four or five months since Contributing Writer, Troy Giljohann, reviewed Galway Bay’s golf apparel, linked here, and with Spring and the golf season just around the corner I think it’s time we hit on it again.

Their stuff is that good.

Link to Troy’s December 2021 review of Galway Bay’s all-weather apparel

I was always really curious about Galway Bay. Their rain gear is not cheap, but it’s easy on the eye with its classic looks (I’ve always had my eye on the all-black setup) and sleek, heavy-duty zippers, and I’ve never heard or read anything but rave reviews. Their All-Weather Jacket was named “Best Rain Gear” for 2018, 2019 and 2021, in fact, by MyGolfSpy.

After running a co-branded sweepstakes initiative with them this Winter (won by Darren from West Bend, Wisconsin), it was time I got some Galway Bay gear, myself!

Getting a feel for my awesome new gear

I have not worn my new All-Weather Jacket nearly as much on the course as I have around town (it’s still “2nd Winter,” after all), but it’s quickly become my go-to coat. I find myself throwing it on when picking the kids up from daycare, running to the store or flying the drone; I love how it looks and feels, and it’s the best top I’ve got for deflecting wind.

“Droning” in my Galway Bay All-Weather Jacket at Kiva Dunes last week (sorry for the blurriness, but a video screen shot was the best I could do)

That said, it’s not a Winter jacket and isn’t meant to be, so I did get pretty cold in it one day that was near zero degrees – it was a lesson learned.

I’ve only had the chance to wear it in the rain once so far, and it was fun seeing how easily the fabric repelled raindrops (see video in Troy’s initial review).

With their three-layer Hydro-Flex 32 fabric and double water-repellant coating, Galway Bay is the industry leader in rain gear designed for golf. It’s lightweight yet incredibly strong, and features the top 15k mm / 15k g/m2/24hr waterproofing/breathability rating.

Curious what 15k/15k refers to? From

“The first number measures the waterproof rating. The “k” is thousands and the “mm” is millimeters. A 15k mm rating means that until you reach 15,000 millimeters of water, in a 1-inch diameter column, stacked on top of the fabric, the water will not penetrate the membrane. Obviously a 10k rating would absorb the water with only 10,000 mm of water sitting on the fabric.

In the 15k/15k rating (15k mm / 15k g/m2/24hr), the second number measures breathability. The “g” is for grams, the “m2” is meters squared, and the “24hr” refers to a 24 hour period. What this rating, therefore, means is that 15,000 grams of moisture vapor will be able to pass through one square meter of the membrane in a 24 hour period. The higher the number, the more breathable, the lower the number, the less breathable.”

In addition to being the standard-bearer for waterproofing and breathability, Galway Bay’s jackets and all-weather lined pants are designed with golf in mind in a number of ways:

  • The fabric is soft and quiet
  • The seams are sealed and waterproof
  • The collar is high in the back and tapers to 1-1/4″ in front to avoid poking your chin
  • It’s exceptional at blocking the wind
  • The jacket tapers near the waist to avoid restricting your golf swing; you can tighten it using toggle cords, if you’d like
  • The pant legs are slightly shorter to stay out of the wet grass and keep from getting that dirty ankle look
Galway Bay’s All-Weather Jacket & Pants won’t restrict your swing

For those extra-cold days, Galway Bay also sells baselayers. These undergarments are fantastic, and I used them several times this Winter while playing in the snow with the kids. While I’m hoping I will not need to wear baselayers while playing golf any time soon, I’m happy to know I’ve got them and will be able to stay warm.

I like to promote what I consider to be the best of the best products on my site, and I can’t say enough good things about Galway Bay. This is stuff I’ve shown off everywhere I’ve been since getting it, and every golf enthusiast I’ve engaged about it has said the same thing: “I always hear Galway Bay is great.”

Let me tell you, it is.

I recommend their gear whole-heartedly, and if you’re interested in getting some of your own then take advantage of their huge Spring sale on the Galway Bay website:

Galway Bay Website

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