Galway Bay: The World’s Best All-Weather Apparel

The weekend has finally arrived and you wake up for your tee time to a weather forecast that includes the chance of rain. Your golf round has been pre-approved by your wife and nothing is going to stop you from hitting the course. Besides your banana slice off the tee, the biggest thing you are going to have to battle is the elements. At least with your Galway Bay rain gear you can be confident you’ll remain dry. 

Image Courtesy of Galway Bay
Image Courtesy of Galway Bay

Rain Jacket 

The Galway Bay rain jacket is my new secret weapon to battle not only rain but wind. The light weight is perfect for keeping in your bag as the only jacket you will need on the course. I chose to go with a large knowing that I would probably have layers underneath and the fit was perfect.

There are adjustable cuffs and waist strings to give a tailored fit if you want it, but the overall trim was nice and form fitting. Comparing this jacket to my current Dryjoys it is far less bulky and weighs probably about half the amount. I felt no restrictions swinging on the course and didn’t get overheated like I normally do in rain gear.

Take a look at some of my swings here to see how nicely the jacket fits. Worn on a windy 45-degree day with a short sleeve polo underneath, I was the perfect temperature. 


This is the first pair of rain pants that I have tried that are meant to be worn by themselves. The fit on these was right on so order your normal pant size. There is a little stretch in the waist which I like, especially if you are like me and suck down that hot dog at the turn!

The material these pants are made out of makes them not only waterproof but windproof. I will be wearing these a lot next season for rounds that have a chilly weather forecast and am excited I won’t have to feel so bulky slipping on a second pair of pants.

I was worried at first that there was not a velcro ankle cuff to keep them tight around my shoes, but the pants tapered nicely and I didn’t think after using them for a round that binding was needed.


I have owned every brand of rain gear over the years and I can honestly say both the jacket and pants I tried had the best build quality.

The last thing you want during a wet round is to feel your shirt getting damp. Galway Bay apparel is coated in teflon (think your kitchen pans), which makes the water bead and run right off. I have never seen this before and it worked absolutely perfectly.

The pockets are also weatherproofed so you can ensure your glove is dry between shots. Take a look at my test video below where I threw the jacket in the shower so you could see how well the water ran right off.  I also took some close-up pictures of the waterproof seams so you can see how well they are made. 

Fit and Feel

Overall, this is the best rain suit I have ever owned. Not only was the material comfortable, the rain literally bounced off of me. I never felt overheated and there was plenty of flexibility offered that I didn’t feel like I was swinging around a bulky jacket. Between the pants and the jacket, I can see myself wearing this for 3-4 months of the season in the Midwest. 

Time to Update

If you have been thinking about updating your rain gear, or even getting an all-purpose jacket, look no further. I think Galway Bay has made a great product here and you will thank me when you are bone dry. If you are buying this as a gift for someone remember they will have clothes underneath so consider that when you are picking the right size. There are also short sleeve options to consider if you live in a warmer climate.

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