Old Fashioned Golf: Great Wisconsin-Based Apparel

I love to support local businesses, especially ones that are golf-related, and one of the newest entrants into the golf apparel industry is a Wisconsin one whose story I love and am happy to put my support behind : Old Fashioned Golf.

I’ve been in touch with Co-Founder Kyle Herzog for quite some time, receiving one of their Polka State polos prior to the brand’s launch. After rocking it for a round at North Hills and getting a ton of compliments and questions about it, I realized quickly: “Hey, these need to be our team uniforms for the Wisconsin vs. Illinois Writer’s Cup!”

The team at OFG were happy to oblige, providing shirts that gave Team Wisconsin a major competitive advantage. Unfortunately, not even looking awesome that day would help us as we lost the Reid Hanley Trophy to Team Illinois in 17 holes of action. Major storms canceled the rest of the rounds and relegated our competition to no-limit Texas hold ’em in the Mistwood clubhouse. Everybody loved the polos, though – they’re crazy comfy, look good and are a great way to show your Wisco spirit!


Given our relationship, I thought it would be nice to allow the guys from Old Fashioned Golf to talk about their brand and product, themselves. The following is from Scott Biely of OFG…


What is Old Fashioned Golf?

Old Fashioned Golf began in the summer of 2020 during a pandemic round of golf at Thornberry Creek at Oneida in Green Bay. Three life-long friends Scott Biely, Kyle Herzog, and Joe Maretti started toying with the idea of a Wisconsin inspired golf apparel company with the main mission of showcasing their state and its incredible communities. After ten months of trial and error, the trio found the ideal material composition and sizing to not only compete in the crowded golf apparel market but to rise above the big names we all know. Old Fashioned Golf officially launched in May of this year to an incredible response.

  • “The most comfortable golf polo I’ve ever put on! Light, stretchy, and doesn’t rub at all! Love the Wisconsin flair!”
  • “High quality, very breathable and flexible. Great shirt!”
  • “WAY better than I expected. Great quality and love the pattern to show homage to the great state of WI”
  • “I am kind of a golf shirt snob and very picky. I found the Old Fashioned Golf shirt ultra-comfortable and didn’t notice it the entire round. Didn’t cling, wasn’t stuffy, etc. Big props!”
Founders Joe, Kyle and Scott of Old Fashioned Golf


What do they offer?

Old Fashioned Golf offers a large selection of men’s golf polos, as well as hats and towels. Everything is designed and produced from scratch. Nothing is just a pre-made item with Wisconsin or OFG logos slapped on them. “We want our products to be 100% ours. If people decide to wear OFG we want them to know they are getting something they can’t find anywhere else. We truly feel if people give our polos a chance, they will love them” says Maretti. Currently their website offers ten different polo options all packed with the same great features:

  • Mega-Comfy, Mega-Stretchy Fabric (85% polyester, 15% spandex)
  • Light, Breathable, Silky
  • UV/Sun Protection (UPF 50+)
  • Anti-Odor, Anti-Microbial
  • Sublimation Printing (Never Fade, Never Bleed)
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Quick Dry
  • Double Reinforced Self-Collar
  • Tagless Design
  • Low Maintenance (Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low)

The primary focus has been and will continue to be Wisconsin inspired polos, hats, and towels. Most of the items on their website contain the state of Wisconsin in some fashion. The “Polka-State” and “Jasmine” designs (both shown below) offer original style with Wisconsin pride clearly on display. “We get messages all the time from people talking about how many people comment on their polo. From a distance a lot of our polos look like a normal stylish polo, but when someone takes a closer look, they see the Wisconsin pride on full display” says Biely.

Old Fashioned Golf’s Polka State polo, in red with white states
The Jasmine polo, in red, white and blue states


The second focus of OFG is to simply have fun; especially through pop culture influence. “The game of golf brings so much joy to people and we want our products to bring that same joy. The three of us have been friends a really long time and share an interesting passion for pop culture that we want to incorporate into some of our products. Movies, music, and of course professional wrestling, all have a special place in our hearts” says Herzog.

This passion can be seen in some of the products they currently offer on their website. Whether it’s red, white and blue polos named after characters from the movie “Independence Day” or a polo designed after the t-shirt worn under the overalls of the evil Chucky doll, the pop culture influence is clearly on display with the young company.

The “Charles Lee Ray” (Chucky) limited edition polo


Being a part of the community

“We don’t just want to make and sell Wisconsin themed clothing; we want to be a part of Wisconsin and it’s communities” says Biely. This philosophy has already created some great friendships in the community.

Old Fashioned Golf has worked with the Wisconsin chapter of the Veteran Golfers Association, for example. This great organization is “dedicated to enriching the lives of Veterans through golf.” This past August, members of the Wisconsin VGA wore Old Fashioned Golf polos as they competed in the regional championships in Kansas City, MS. “We are honored to have these heroes from Wisconsin wearing our polos as they play and compete in their golf communities. It has been incredibly humbling the support we have received from these brave men and women,” adds Herzog.

The Polka State polo at the regional championships for the VGA in Kansas City


Women’s line coming in 2022!

Old Fashioned Golf is excited to announce a women’s line of golf attire debuting in 2022 – join our mailing list for updates as we roll it out!

Where to buy Old Fashioned Golf

Old Fashioned Golf polos ($59 apiece), hats ($29) and towels ($29) can be purchased through their website:

Old Fashioned Golf website

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