CaddyTrek R2 Electric Caddy: The Affordable 2-in-1 E-Caddy

With four distinct operational modes in a single unit [at a price point you’d only expect to have one!], the CaddyTrek R2 is a feature-rich electric caddy that’ll have you enjoying more leisurely strolls around the golf course.

Face it, this is probably the closest any of us will ever get to having a full-time caddy. While the R2 won’t pull the pin or read your putts, it will take the full weight of your golf bag off your shoulders and keep its distance wherever you prefer.

While I have reviewed quite a few electric caddies in the past, this is the first I’ve written about that offers a true “Follow” mode, creating the ultimate bliss of walking down the fairway unencumbered and with your bag out of site.

First Impressions

The overall profile of the CaddyTrek R2 is a little different than other carts I’ve used in the past, featuring a 4-wheel configuration and square support frame. Even for being 4-wheeled, the unit folds up really compact – I was impressed with its small profile that helps make it portable.

CaddyTrek R2 (Right) compared to three wheel cart

The R2 comes fully assembled and is really easy to charge and set up. I didn’t even need instructions on how to unfold it or attach my bag the first time. You will, however, need to familiarize yourself with the remote and how to activate the various modes that I’ll explain later in this article.

Weight and Size

Folded, the CaddyTrek R2 measures 23″ x 18″ x 12″, so you should have no issues fitting it in your car’s trunk no matter what you drive. The way it folds, too, creates a great setup for gripping and lifting it, making it as easy as any electric cart I’ve reviewed to load and unload.

With the battery installed the unit is 39 pounds, which is similar to most other caddies I’ve tested. The 6-pound battery is housed in the large plastic unit over the rear wheels and is easily removed to lighten the overall weight to 33 pounds.

Battery and Motor

The CaddyTrek R2 features a 24v 10amp battery that is designed to get you through 27 holes. This varies based on terrain and, of course, how straight you hit the ball. As with all electric caddies I’d definitely recommend charging it after each round.

The R2 is equipped with dual 250 watt motors which supply power to the rear wheels of the device, and I found them to handle hilly terrain, wet conditions and long grass all well. The motors work independently to spin the wheels, giving you a tight turning radius rather than needing a long lazy turn for repositioning (picture Austin Powers).

Will My Bag Fit?

I tested bags of all different shapes and sizes, and the R2 has the most flexibility I’ve found when it comes to fitting bags as the square frame allows any setup to ride comfortably and well-secured using the bungee straps.


The CaddyTrek R2 has 4 modes for navigating the golf course. Besides a traditional remote control mode you can select Follow, March or Manual. To break down these modes:

Remote – Putting the R2 in remote mode is simple and involves holding the left arrow on the remote to allow you to control it like a TV. There are arrows for forward, reverse, left, right and stop. I was able to send commands to the unit 30-40 yards down the fairway without any issues.

Follow – The Follow mode is what makes the R2 unique from other units I’ve tested. Using a combination of radio frequency and ultrasound, the CaddyTrek R2 will literally follow you around the course. While facing the unit, simply click the follow button on the remote and clip it to the back of your waistband. The cart will register the connection and begin to follow a few paces behind you. It is important that the remote is visible on your waistband and pointed directly at the unit.

March – The operation of March is similar to follow, but instead of walking ahead of the cart you walk behind it. Placing the remote on the front of your waistband and walking toward the unit engages the March mode and instructs the cart to stay a few paces in front of you.

Manual Mode – While the R2 is powered up the wheels lock in place preventing you from manually pushing it. To free the wheels, simply hold the up arrow on the remote to allow for manual positioning and then press the stop button to re-lock them.

Out on the Course

Here are some of my key observations from using the CaddyTrek R2 out on the course:

  1. Portability is great for this unit. The compact size and easy-to-lift handle make it really simple to get in and out of the trunk.
  2. Setup is quick, but it does have 4 knobs to tighten and one latch to secure. This is more than most carts have.
  3. The top handle of the cart may get in the way of your clubs depending on the angle you set it at. You may find yourself pulling clubs at an awkward angle over or under the handle.
  4. The four wheels make the R2 extra sturdy and you’ll never have to worry about your clubs tipping.
  5. There is an audible beep from the remote when giving commands to the unit for Follow mode. You can choose to turn this off, but if you’re not mindful it can be heard by playing partners.
  6. The rear wheels are studded, providing great traction over wet, uneven and sloped terrain.
  7. The front two wheels are connected with a joint that allows them to swivel 360 degrees. This not only allows for maximum flexibility on the course but enables the unit to have an even smaller folded profile.
  8. The brakes on the wheels function perfectly and allow this unit to stop or park better than most electric caddies, even when left on a side- or downhill slope.
  9. The unit will sometimes lose connection during Follow mode if you get outside the sensor range, whether to the side or vertically. I find it best to use Follow mode when traversing the fairway between shots, but to use Remote mode around tee boxes and greens.
  10. The studded wheels have the best traction I’ve seen on an electric caddy unit. There were no issues with slope, grass or course conditions when testing.
  11. The R2 comes with some great accessories, including a drink holder and scorecard holder. These attach to the side of the unit and do not get in the way when folding.
  12. Make sure to review the owners manual for more details on the R2’s capabilities.

Final Thoughts

The CaddyTrek R2 is an awesome electric caddy. While I personally see myself only using the Follow mode during long, uninterrupted walks on the course (eg: Walking to my tee shot), it is a great feature to have.

At the current price point around $1,500, it is similar in cost to other remote electric caddies with the added bonus of having the Follow and March modes available to you.

The battery life is solid at 27 holes and I love the performance of the studded wheels. The portability of this unit is also a huge benefit based on the way it folds and allows you to lift it so conveniently.

If you’re looking for an electric caddy and the Follow option is important to you, this is a great unit at a terrific price.

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