Primo Golf Apparel: One of Golf’s Coolest New Brands

It’s finally time to throw out those tired old cargo shorts and khaki pants stained with the mud of a few dozen rounds, and update your look this Spring with Primo Golf Apparel.

I came across Primo while searching for new golf pants for this upcoming season, and after sampling their catalog from head to toe could not agree more with their slogan: “Clothing for the athletic golfer.”

Primo Joggers

The flagship product in the Primo line has to be these joggers, made to look stylish yet wear and feel like sweatpants. The four-way stretch fabric moves with my swing perfectly, and I love how they feel.

The joggers are meant to taper near the ankle and be worn a little shorter than normal pants. There is an in-depth description of how to select the appropriate size for you on the Primo website, and I found their suggestions to be right on. Normally a 34×30 in pant sizes, I went with their 34/Regular length size and am happy with the fit.

I especially love the tapered ankles on wet and dewy mornings, which usually leave my pants soaked by the end of the round. These joggers stayed snug above my shoe line and kept them dry all day.

At a price point under $90, I think these are a great value and something you will want to wear frequently out on the course.

You can pick up your own pair from the Primo website by clicking here, and make sure to use code WISCO for 15% off your order.

stylish but comfortable look
closeup of tapered bottom cuff

Primo Shorts

A great offering for when Summer arrives are the Primo shorts. Made of the same four-way stretch fabric, these shorts were super comfortable on hot Florida afternoons.

Both the shorts and pants have a tacky strip around the waist that helps secure your tucked polo while playing. Being one who typically suffers from that unsightly tail that accompanies swinging in tucked-in shirts, I was happy not to have those issues with Primo apparel.

closeup of the waist strip inside shorts and joggers

Primo has unique sizing and lengths, so make sure to refer to their sizing chart. I like a little bit longer shorts and so opted for their 11″ inseam, a very traditional length. There are also 7″ and 9″ options, in case you prefer a shorter length to show off some thigh.

I like these sizing options. They give golfers the opportunity to tailor their look based on their own body build and style preferences, and I think that gives Primo a nice styling advantage over other golf brands.

Priced under $70, these shorts are right where they should be versus other brands on the market. When you’re looking for new shorts in the mid-tier price range, absolutely consider these. They are currently offered in light gray or black, and you can pick up your own pair on the Primo website by clicking here (use discount code WISCO).

Primo Braided Stretch Belt

The braided stretch belt is one of my favorite items I tested from Primo. Opting for a classic navy and white style, it goes great with most of the items in my closet.

The feel of this belt and the stretch it provides is awesome. If you’ve yet to join the movement [or if you’re looking to add to your collection] to stretch golf belts, check out this one. You can feel the difference on the course when you swing, bend or squat, and having that little extra give in your belt removes all the constricted feel from a more traditional leather or rigid material style.

closeup of buckle and tail of belt

Priced at $35 and available in 9 color and styling combinations, this is one of the most affordable belts [especially with such high quality] that I’ve seen.

You can snag your braided stretch belt from the Primo website by clicking here (use discount code WISCO).

Primo Blade Collar

The final item I tried from Primo was their blade collar polo, a very new-age golf style pioneered by Nike a few years back when it was then championed on Tour by Tiger Woods.

Opting to remove the traditional folded collar, the blade collar polo looks stylish while remaining classic enough for any course. Constructed with a combination of polyester and spandex, it has enough stretch to be comfortable swinging in.

I’d wear this polo on the course when temperatures are below 75 degrees. While it’s a little too heavy for those sweltering mid-July rounds, it’ll certainly keep you cool enough in milder temperatures.

I went with a size large for the blade collar polo, which fit well. It’s a really nicely tailored top, so if you’re in between sizes I’d recommend going up one. Priced at $59 I think this is again a great price for the fit, quality and look. I definitely enjoyed wearing it and received a number of compliments on its unique look.

You can get your own blade collar polo off the Primo website by clicking here (discount code: WISCO).

nicely tailored and still enough give to swing comfortably in

Final Thoughts

In terms of quality and price, Primo Golf Apparel is a great brand. Their unique joggers and sizing options let players achieve a great, stylish look on the course for every body type, and I like the feel of the materials used and would be comfortable wearing them to any style course, whether daily-fee or private.

Check out Primo’s full line of golf apparel on their website, linked here.

Use discount code WISCO for 15% off your order!

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