Sun Mountain RainFlex Elite Jacket

While I personally have a special patented no-rain dance I do before each time I head out on the course, you may not be so fortunate. We have all found ourselves wanting to get that round in regardless of the weather, and the best way to make it not quite as miserable is by staying dry.

The RainFlex Elite jacket from Sun Mountain offers superior rain and wind protection to help get you through those soggy rounds.

Fit and Feel

I opted for a large sized jacket due to the fact that I’ll probably be wearing several layers beneath it in the event of a rain storm. The fit is great with a tight waist and adjustable cuffs. I would recommend going with a larger size if you’re on the fence, like me.


Constructed of a 4-way stretch material, the jacket moves and flows great with my swings, and does not feel constricting in the shoulders or armpits like some brands.

Adjustable cuffs


The inside of the RainFlex Elite is lined with a windproof shell that keeps me warm even when the cold air is whipping around.

One thing I like is the fact that the material is not noisy. Sometimes windproof lining can make a lot of noise when moving or swinging, but that has not been the case with this coat.

lining provides next to skin comfort



We have all had jackets that claimed to be waterproof, but after just a couple hours on the course have left us feeling like we jumped in a lake or like it’s got at least 1,000 holes in it.

The RainFlex Elite boasts a 15K/15K rating for waterproofing and breathability – don’t feel bad if, like me, you had to look up what that means and how it’s determined! Bottom line: To receive the 15K/15K rating, the fabric is tested with a pressurized tube of water to see how well it repels.

With where this jacket lands in these ratings, I’d feel confident that it’ll keep me dry in anything short of an actual hurricane.


Being me, I had to test the waterproofing myself by dumping water on the jacket. As you can see in the image below, it beads up and repels water just as advertised.

Waterproofing was phenomenal


Final Thoughts

I have owned and tested a lot of rain jackets over the years and can honestly put the RainFlex Elite among my top 3 all-time favorites.

Sun Mountain has established itself as a quality golf clothing and equipment brand over the years and the RainFlex Elite is no exception – this jacket will be staying in my bag as my primary go-to jacket for wind and rain on the course.


You can purchase your own RainFlex Elite Golf Jacket here

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