While TECTECTEC may be an unfamiliar brand name in the rangefinder arena I became aware of their high-quality products at the PGA Merchandise Show this year.

A French company specializing in rangefinders and GPS units for golf and hunting, they currently have 5 models available with the KLYR unit being released soon.

First Impressions

The KLYR unit came packaged in the nicest rangefinder box I’ve seen. Its sleek magnetic packaging made a huge first impression, which might be something worth considering if looking for a gift.

The unit size is also of note that it’s very compact compared to most other models. The KLYR comes with a nicely padded case that rests snug against the outside of your bag.

Nice compact size and super strong magnet

Putting it to the test

To summarize what I found when taking the KLYR out on the course…


The eyepiece adjustment is smooth and I had no trouble dialing in a clear image immediately.

The internal screen has a ton of information displayed in a crisp black font. While it can get a little noisy having items like actual, slope and degrees all displayed in the slope mode, I quickly became used to having it all on the screen.


There are 3 modes available on the KLYR: 

  1. A scan mode for picking up targets 
  2. A pin lock mode without slope measurements 
  3. A pin lock mode with slope measurements

The KLYR’s scan mode works by holding down the power button to display an icon that alerts you to the fact that you are in scan mode. The scan is really fast and accurate when compared to static scoped distances.

Slope can be turned off using an oversized switch on the outside of the rangefinder. The switch will reveal a green dot when slope is turned on. This enables the third mode to actually be accessed within the internal settings when selecting. Remember no slope is allowed during USGA sanctioned events.


I compared measurements from the KLYR against 2 other rangefinders on the course and found that the distance, both slope and non-slope adjusted, were within 1-3 yards of all other models.

The pin locator on the KLYR is fast – usually under a second, and the vibration is nice for confirmation. For those with shaky hands, this unit seems to struggle a bit picking up targets without holding still.

Stay tuned for a future review on the ULT-S Pro from TECTECTEC, which includes image stabilization.

Magnetic Mount

The KLYR is the first rangefinder I have come across that comes with a magnetic belt clip. At first I wasn’t sure if I would use this, but after just one round I found myself loving having it on my side.

Walking up to shots or while around the green I simply clipped the rangefinder to my belt and away I went. I found that the magnet was strong and I had no issues swinging with it attached. This is really a nice feature that helps it stand out compared to others.

There was an additional surprise I found built into the case of the rangefinder: A magnetic ball mark is attached to the outside. While I may not use this all the time, I think it is a cool add-on that shows attention to detail in an affordably priced unit.


The slope feature calculates true distance to the pin based on elevation change.

Still remember the last time you played an uphill par 3? Did you pull a club based on the yardage listed on the tee box sign? If you did, the yardage given was probably a good starting point but very likely not a true distance to the flag.

Consider this sample image: 

While very few par threes will ever play 33 yards uphill, the diagram does a great job of illustrating my point: Having slope-adjusted distances available can make a big difference in club selection and execution.


The KLYR is currently bargain-priced at just $199.

In my opinion, this is a rangefinder that has it all with a great build, fast speed and magnetic mount – what else could you need? I highly recommend this rangefinder for any level golfer.

You can purchase the TECTECTEC KLYR rangefinder here

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  1. Great review Troy! This new range finder sounds great but I feel like I should wait for the ULT-S Pro from TECTECTEC, which includes image stabilization.

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