Volt Heated Accessories: Warm Up Your Golf Game

This is the second review I’ve done on Volt Heat Apparel and accessories and I am happy to report they continue to offer great products that will keep you enjoying golf well into the colder months!

You can read my first review here.

This time around, I was fortunate to try out a pair of heated mittens and a small heated blanket. These accessories are perfect for the golfer who wants to extend their playable season by a couple months on either end.

Heated Blanket

This small heated blanket is the perfect accessory to keep in the side pocket of your bag for convenient use. I found that I could use it as a seat warmer on a golf cart, or as a lap blanket to keep my legs and hands warm between shots.

A small 5-volt battery powers the blanket and provides a consistent source of heat for about 2 hours on high and 4 on medium during my testing. The three heated panels provide a comfortable level of heat that definitely takes the chill out of the air. I did wish this blanket got a little warmer, but the overall heat it provided was excellent.

Heated Gloves

If you are looking for some game-changing gear then this is it. The heated mittens from Volt Heat can really make a difference in your round.

Each glove is powered by its own 7-volt battery that sits nicely in a zippered pouch above your wrist. There are 2 great design features that set these gloves apart:

  1. The batteries have a locking mechanism when you plug in the power cord. This prevents them from losing connection and forcing you to fumble around to get the heat started again. This is an amazing feature, in my opinion, as I struggle with batteries unplugging with a lot of my other heated gear.
  2. There is a clear window where the battery sits in the glove. This allows you to see the battery level instantly without having to remove it and check. I thought this was a great design feature that solves a small but annoying problem.

While it may be a little snug, you could wear these mittens with a golf glove on your hands. This could be applicable if you’re wearing cold-weather gloves and want to use the mittens in between shots. The mittens are easy to slip on and off and can be easily attached to clubs between shots or left in the storage area of the cart. They provide plenty of power for an entire round and heat up really quickly.

Pair the gloves with a Volt Heat Pull-Over for Ultimate Warmth
Volt Heat Apparel will change your round

Volt Heat apparel will change your round and make you much more comfortable, even allowing you to play in the snow! Like yesterday, Paul was wearing his Volt pullover during North Hills Country Club’s annual Thanksgiving morning 1-club championship:

Needless to say, if you haven’t scooped up some heated apparel already, what are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time and this is a fantastic, unique gift idea for the golf and/or outdoor enthusiast in your life.

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Need help choosing the right heated apparel for you? Check out our Heated Apparel Buying Guide, linked below:

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