USA Palm Apparel: Fresh New Styles for Your Golf Wardrobe

It’s Winter in Wisconsin and the time has finally come to start updating the wardrobe you’re hoping to dominate in next season. So throw out those tired old polos, pants and pullovers and check out some of the newest styles from USA Palm. This unique brand features some great prints, reversible pullovers and unique colors, and I’ve personally had a lot of fun trying out their clothing and updating my own looks on the course.


USA Palm not only offers numerous fresh patterns and prints, they also have cool options when it comes to button-downs and long-sleeves.

One of my favorite go-to polos this season was their full button-down polo shirt, pictured below. This is such a unique style that I have never seen before on the course. Besides looking great, the fit is excellent and I love the material. I would describe the Pique stretch material as breathable, lightweight and not at all restrictive when you are swinging.

Pique Button Up Paired with Performance Shorts

Two other great polos in the USA Palm offering are the long-sleeve silky soft and 3-button Pique stretch.

The long-sleeve offerings are what really sets USA Palm apart, in my opinion. I do not see many companies that offer this as an option and I like having a few in my wardrobe. The long-sleeves are perfect to help take the edge off the morning chill and can be easily pulled up as the temperature warms. These polos are made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex to give you just the right amount of stretch.

I found sizing for all to be pretty standard. I am seen in these photos wearing a combination of medium and large sizes and they all fit me well.

Shorts / Pants

While I wouldn’t consider the pants or shorts to be the highlight of USA Palm’s collection, I did really like their color options. The stretch cotton pants pictured below come in 10 color options. I liked the seafoam color I tested and it paired well with white accents and a green pullover from their collection.

Sizing on the pants and shorts is not a traditional waist or length but rather S through XXL. I am normally a 34 waist and the large size fit me perfectly with no issues on length.

The cotton material their pants and shorts are made of is a little bit thicker than what you may see commonly today with other brands. I did not feel like movement was constricted, but I definitely would not wear these pants on hot days.

Reversible Jackets

The most unique items USA Palm offers, in my opinion, are their reversible jackets. Not only are these jackets comfortable but you get 2 options in each package. My personal favorites are the performance quarter-zips. There are 6 styles to choose from, which include both “loud” and more subtle patterns. I went with the sage pattern, which offered a solid color and subtle print.

I found the fit to be right on with a size large leaving plenty of give for me to swing. One aspect to note, however, is that the bottom cuff is loose-fitting, meaning you won’t have a very fitted shape. Because of my body’s build I typically like clothes that gather at the bottom more, but otherwise the jacket fit fine.

Another style jacket I tried is called the Sherpa. The Sherpa features a fuzzy blanket-like material on one side and a silky smooth shell on the other. While this jacket is super warm, I am not sure I would recommend swinging in it as I found it to be a little bulky and restrictive to my swing. That being said, the warmth and comfort of this jacket make it something I like to wear to the course on chilly mornings or after a round at night. There are over 85 different color combinations available for this jacket so you’ll never be able to say you couldn’t find a color you liked.

Sherpa Jacket

Final Thoughts

If you want some new and interesting items for next season’s wardrobe, USA Palm is worth a look. Their unique button-downs and long-sleeve polos, especially – along with their reversible quarter-zips – are to me the most notable items in their catalog, and I think you’ll be more than happy with the quality and performance of their apparel on the course.

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