Dormie Workshop: The Quality Covers Your Clubs Deserve

If you are tired of those cheap stock headcovers that currently adorn your clubs then it’s time to check out Dormie Workshop. Their made-to-order covers are of the finest quality leather and craftsmanship that I have ever seen.

Dormie Workshop is a Canadian company whose mission focuses around the highest-quality leather goods. I was first attracted to Dormie when I saw their super unique Top Gun themed headcovers.

Browsing their site I came to find that there were so many options with styles from classic to contemporary, but keep in mind if you order any headcovers be prepared to wait 3-4 weeks as everything is made to order. Some more example covers are shown below.


With leather headcovers I have sometimes worried about the give of the material and the ability to fit any size club. With the soft leather and build style of the Dormie covers I had no issues with my clubs all fitting in their designated covers. Although the wood and driver covers dont gather tightly around the middle like some other headcover types they stayed on just fine throughout the round.

The mallet cover I tried fit my Scotty Cameron X7 just fine and I would expect it to fit most mallet putters. The cover is secured with a magnetic closure which is nice and strong.


One aspect of these covers that you will notice right away is the weight. There are times when you can feel the quality of an item just by the heft in your hands and this is one of those times. I even had a caddy once ask me to leave these headcovers behind because he could feel how heavy they were when carrying the bag.

Interior Detailing

As I mentioned at the beginning of the review these are the finest covers I have ever seen. The materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail make them something your friends are going to envy. One detail that I especially like is the themed interior lining. This is an extra detail that makes these covers stand out.

Custom Covers

Custom Piece from Dormie Website

The Dormie website allows you to submit a request for a custom cover creation. You will work with their designers to build your perfect cover and have it within 4-5 weeks. Pricing for these one of a kind covers varies depending on the design and materials ultimately used.


With quality comes a price tag. Dormie covers will run you anywhere from $100-$300 a piece. Ultimately you are making an investment in yourself and your golf game. While I cannot guarantee you will hit the ball any further or straighter you and your bag will look like a million bucks when you walk up to the first tee.

Check out the entire Dormie collection by clicking here

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