Cravin Golf: Bringing Funk to the Fairway

As the gales of November set in upon the Midwest it’s not too late to start feeling warm about your game. I recently had the opportunity to feel the tropics one more time out on the fairway with great gear from Cravin Golf. Cravin is a relatively new brand with a mission based around fun, funk and friendship. I certainly had a great time with friends out on the course using their equipment and am sure you will too!

Carry Bags

While I have seen a definite transformation over the years toward more colorful and expressive golf bags out on the course, Cravin takes styling to the next level with their 14-way carry bag currently offered in 5 tropical themes. You can see the 5 styles below, but the pictures throughout this review feature the “Darth” and “Greenie” colorways.

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I unwrapped the bags when they first arrived, but I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the patterns in person. These bags are unique and will garner a lot of attention at the bag drop. The colors are vibrant, the stand legs are color-matched and I love the white accent zippers. All of these details make them really stand out!

The bag features a number of what I would call “standard” features on most carry bags today: There are 5 pockets including a fleece-lined valuables pouch, a 14-way divider to hold clubs nicely spaced and an oversized plastic handle near the top to make handling it all easy. They also include a rain cover hood that attaches with snaps and Velcro, and the bottom of the bag splits when you set it down to create a nice, stable base.

Bag Bottom Closeup
Valuables Pocket

If you choose to walk with this bag, the dual straps are comfortable and connect utilizing 4 buckles. I really like this feature as it is easy to remove the straps if you don’t want them in your way on a push cart. The back padding is nice, but I do wish it was a little thicker (I have been informed that the next model of bags will feature improvements to the straps and padding).

The only issue with the Cravin bag, in my opinion, is the angle of the legs. I wish they would extend a little further for more stability when I set it down. I honestly never had a problem with it tipping over, but it is a little thing I think could be updated.

Next generation

Cravin will soon be making some improvements to their bags including offering a 4-way divider top, new pocket configurations, more padding for both the straps and back and longer legs for added stability.


With hoodies taking off as acceptable golf apparel, Cravin has you covered with 5 super sporty and unique designs. I have never been one to dress on the casual side at the course, but I can’t help myself with these being so comfortable and stylish.

  1. Fit: The overall sizing on these hoodies runs true to what you would normally expect. The cut is athletic with elastic cuffs and a tapered torso. I found myself really appreciating the way it fit my figure and most importantly not interfering with my swing.
  2. Style: The five color options feature a single color with accenting pattern inside the hood. This I feel is the perfect amount of flash to not draw extra attention to yourself but still have a little funk.
  3. Material: The hoodie is comprised of a polyester elastane blend which gives a soft feeling but is still durable. It is an overall medium weight and I would say usable in temperatures between 45-65.
“Lucky” Color Hoodie
Size Large: Model 6ft 190lbs

Head Covers / Towels

The perfect compliment to your new carry bag is a set of coordinating head covers or towel. Knowing how expressive a Cravin bag is, the designers decided to keep the head covers simple with an all white theme and matching color accents.

I loved the quality of these head covers and the logo is stitched nicely with a 3-dimensional texture. I had no issues with them falling off and they fit all the most common driver and 3-wood models I tested. The inside is a nice fleece material and the outside is waterproof for those wetter rounds. I found I was able to easily clean the head covers, as well, which is always a concern with white accessories. I only wish these would also be offered in the same funky prints as the bags and towels!

Towels are often overlooked as a defining accessory in golf, but Cravin has created some downright funky options that are sure to be noticed. While the towel patterns align to their corresponding bags, I would recommend picking up a different style if you do get a bag to create a contrasting aesthetic. The microfiber waffle weave is perfect for cleaning clubs and the attached carabiner easily clips onto the bag. I think they are the perfect size measuring 16×26 inches.

Grab the Funk

I hope my images and review has you “Cravin” some of this funky gear (yes the pun was intended!!). I think the designs are what sets Cravin apart. I have not seen anything like this in all the golf apparel and bags that I have reviewed.

If you are not quite ready to take the plunge on an expressive bag, I would recommend at least picking up a towel and hoodie. You will love the look and feel and it will surely be a conversation starter out on the course. I also know there will be new designs and products launching soon so this is definitely a company to continue to watch.

Visit the Cravin Golf website to find your own funk!

Cravin Golf is also available through Rock Bottom Golf:

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