Tomo Bravo Knit Shoe: Step Into Wonder

Comfortable knit golfing shoes have exploded in popularity over the last few seasons, and Tomo features a full line aimed at providing comfort and high performance while looking great.

I first came across Tomo at the end of this past season as I was looking for more casual golf shoes for walked rounds. I’ve found my feet at times to ache and get too hot in traditional golf shoes. Tomo’s knit material and cool color combinations caught my eye, so I had to take the opportunity to test their Bravo line. These shoes did not disappoint.

Fit and Feel

The first thing you’ll notice when unboxing Bravo shoes is their single-piece tongue. You can slide your foot right into them like a pair of socks and use the laces to get the fit just right.

The second thing you will immediately notice is the extra padding in the back heel. I can’t imagine there’s a way anyone could possibly get a blister on their heel with this shoe.

I ordered my typical shoe size of 11.5 and these shoes fit great. For those of you out there with wide feet like mine you will be happy with the way the side knit walls flex, and the extra-wide base supports your foot perfectly.

Single Tongue and Padded Heel

The heel of the shoe is comprised of a wide base which you will not notice until you put them on. I could tell there’s something different about the overall feel of the shoe, specifically in the heel. While I won’t say this is a bad thing, it does take some getting used to, and as for how it affects your swing… read on.

Wide Heel Base

Out on the Course

Your journey with Tomo begins before you even leave the house. These shoes are perfect to slip on and wear directly to the first tee. The spike-less bottoms have plenty of traction on and off the course and the styling makes them seem like a normal pair of knit shoes.

Unique Sole Graphics

When taking your first swings you’ll notice the difference in the wide base. I sway a lot when I swing and with the wide base my ankles feel totally supported throughout, although perhaps a bit restricted. After half a range session I was used to the feel and actually liked it, but if you are someone who pivots and sways a lot this may be a noticeable change for you.

Tread Pattern – comprised of rectangular and triangular shapes for grip

Tomo’s spike-less bottoms are comparable to other similar shoes I own. If transitioning from a typical spiked shoe you will surely notice the difference in traction, but don’t worry you’ll adjust quickly. I have found that spike-less shoes make my knees specifically feel less sore at the end of a round. The amount of grip is just right to provide some traction without making your joints feel forced or pivot awkwardly.

As with any knit shoes I would not recommend wearing these in the rain or super wet conditions. The knit will repel light mist and morning dew, but they are meant for dry conditions while on the course.

The extra cushioning provided by the “Pillow Insoles” was apparent at the end of walking 18. My feet felt amazing and I had none of the typical soreness I get with traditional golf cleats. I can anticipate these shoes still running a little warm in the midst of a July round, but besides the warmest of conditions they should treat your feet right.

Treat Your Feet

Priced at around $100 these Bravo shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to adding them to your shoe lineup.

I know we have all had rounds where it feels like it would be less painful to chop our feet off, but that should no longer be an issue with Tomo. With the ability to be a shoe from door to tee box and beyond, these have become my go-to shoe when walking the course.

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  1. Hi Derek. I would say a little more drop then true Linkswear but still less than a traditional shoe. Hope that helps

  2. Hi … did you happen to notice if there was a low heel to toe drop (like True Linkswear) or do they have a higher heel height?


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