WiscoGolfAddict's Heated Apparel Buying Guide (header image)

WiscoGolfAddict’s Heated Apparel Buying Guide: Stay Hot When the Winter Cools with Great Deals

Heated apparel will be the next major trend to take the Midwest by storm, and this weekend will be your best opportunity to take advantage of massive discounts (some even combined with our exclusive discount codes!) to join a community of golfers and other folks using technology to stay warm in the cold.

WiscoGolfAddict's Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers 2023 (header image)

WiscoGolfAddict’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Golfers

The team at WiscoGolfAddict works year-round to test and review top golf products across the industry and here are many of our favorites - many with discount codes to help you save additional money on great gear for yourself or that special golf enthusiast in your life.

Mullybox: Unbox the Fun & Intrigue (header)

Mullybox: Unbox the Fun & Intrigue

Save 25% on Mullybox with our exclusive discount code WISCO!
Opening a Mullybox is like opening a pack of baseball cards - you never know what's going to be in there! Unlike cards, though, you can rest assured it'll be worth much more than you paid for it.

Good Lion Golf: Debunking Norms to Promote Inclusivity & Comfort (header)

Good Lion Golf: Debunking Norms to Promote Inclusivity & Comfort

"Good > Safe," they say, and their clothing and accessories are certainly good. If you feel about golf the way Jonny and Taylor do, or just want to support an up-and-coming Wisconsin brand, give Good Lion a look and be part of the movement to make golf more inclusive, less intimidating and more welcoming and comfortable to all.

Prepare for the Elements: The Mental and Physical aspects of Fall and Spring Golf

Extend your season by preparing for Fall and Spring golf this year with a couple of helpful mental tricks and gear recommendations.