Active Dim Sunglasses

Discount: 15% off (use link provided)
Stay focused on your game with adaptive sunglasses from Active Dim. The auto-dimming properties of their lenses will have you seeing clearly from shade to sun.

Lie + Loft Gallery Prints

Discount Code: Wisco20 (20% off)
Lie & Loft provides high-quality gallery golf themed prints and accessories to decorate any space. With the tagline "Golf is Home", there is something for everyone at a price point that will have you filling up your shopping cart.

Grooveit Brush

Discount Code: WISCO10 (10% off)
The GrooveIt brush is an easy purchase for golf enthusiasts looking to play the Midwest’s Spring & Fall shoulder seasons. At $24.95 it’s compact, inexpensive and will be used constantly... This one's a no-brainer!

ThermoThink Portable Heated Seats

Discount Code: WiscoGolfAddict ($15 off)
Currently priced at less than $150 including the battery pack, ThermoThink heated golf cart seats are the perfect gear to help you better enjoy cold-weather golf in the Midwest.

Birdie Bundle Subscription

With a great quiz to tailor subscribers' monthly boxes to their preferences, Birdie Bundle does an awesome job sending products golfers will want - even when they had no idea they'd want it!

Sound Caddy Bluetooth Speaker

Discount Code: WISCOGOLF (15% off)
Appearing as the 15th club in your bag, the Sound Caddy Bluetooth Speaker is one of the most unique portable golf speakers on the market today, and at a great price point!