Winter Seminar with Paul Mindel (header image)

Out-of-Season Golf Performance Seminar: Nov. 13 & 16, 2023

November 13 and 16, 2023: With the 2023 golf season mostly in the books, it's time to look forward to 2024! Learn tools to help you get ready for the spring, and leave with an action plan for the next five months.

Working with Juniors (header image)

Working with Juniors: Promote Fun & A Lifelong Love for the Game of Golf

While there are many ways to promote kids’ passion for and enjoyment of golf, there are even more ways to push them away from it. Coach Paul Mindel of the Wisconsin Golf Academy has seen it all during his decades of teaching and coaching the game, and hopefully, some of what he’s learned can help you avoid the pitfalls that so many well-intentioned parents fall into.

The Stack System: Who Wouldn’t Want More Distance?

Owner of Wisconsin Golf Academy and #WiscoGolfAddict Contributor Paul Mindel introduces the Stack System, a revolutionary speed training program used by top players around the world to add serious distance.

Golf Performance Day: Register Now & Resolve to Play Better Golf in 2023

You're invited to the Golf Performance Day at North Hills Country Club January 22, 2023! Learn about performance psychology from one of the world's leaders in the space, Dr. Raymond Prior, Ph. D, about improved practice methods, the body swing connection, TheStack System and all the newest TaylorMade equipment from Wisconsin's industry experts. Register today!

Coaching & Instruction with Paul Mindel: Lower Your Scores & Better Enjoy the Game

Through unique video and engaging content, Golf Coach Paul Mindel and the team at WiscoGolfAddict will cover topics that will help you lower your scores and enjoy the game better.