2Putt Apparel and Accessories: Don’t Settle for Ordinary Style

The two-putt is one of the most ordinary occurrences in golf. While two-putting sometimes is welcomed, it normally represents a missed opportunity that all golfers will experience repeatedly.

While these recurring bursts of mediocrity are inevitable in the game, what we all have under our control is how we look and feel on the course. “Two-putting” on style and comfort is completely unnecessary, especially with a constant stream of new brands flooding the market with well-priced apparel and gear these past few years. Chances are, there’s a brand out there that will not only look good but also reflect your attitude towards the game.

I’ve found one such brand that has spoken to me in such a way, 2Putt, a company whose mission is to cater to all golfers, regardless of ability. The name “2Putt” is quite catchy, but actually goes a bit deeper than it sounds. 2Putt’s motto, “Don’t Two Putt,” is a reminder that we all can elevate our game if we believe in ourselves, which not only includes how we play but also how we look and feel.

2Putt’s branded golf ball includes some very sound advice while lining up a putt

2Putt’s stated promise is to “Provide the highest quality products for golfers around the world. Our clothes are carefully designed and spectacularly engineered to perform and last a long time. All while providing the best fit and feel ever experienced. Hands down.” I’ve sampled some of 2Putt’s apparel and accessories this fall, and definitely agree it is high quality and well-designed, and provides a very comfortable feel on the golf course. Topped off with a creative, well-designed logo, I also now have a look on the course that I’m proud of and makes me even more excited to head to the course.

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2Putt’s Men’s Quarter Zips come in nine different styles, ranging from flashy, bright designs to bolder, solid colors. When I first laid eyes on the Transfusion design, I knew it was for me. The tasty, refreshing beverage has become one of my go-to drinks on the course this season. The Transfusion quarter-zip design, dotted with hundreds of tiny transfusion drinks, fit the theme of the season quite well. This fun look makes me feel like I’m on vacation every time I play, even if it’s at my home course.

Through more than half of my recent round at Lawsonia in warm fall weather, I still felt comfortable in the 2Putt’s breathable Transfusion Q-Zip

In addition to the standout style, the material is soft, comfortable and breathes well. This is especially important in these fall months where the weather is quite variable. Despite the long sleeves, with the breathability and thin material I’m still usually keeping my Transfusion Q-Zip on until temperatures top 70 degrees. For warmer weather, 2Putt’s Polo and T-Shirt lines feature similar styles as the Quarter Zips, with great designs and comfortable material.

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Earlier this year, I explored the world of the golf hoodie and its place in the game. Well, I can now report that I’ve finally tried one out in earnest, with 2Putt’s gray “Stinger” option. After this first complete Golf Hoodie experience, I can safely say I’m joining the revolution and am all-in on hoodies on the course.

Nothing is more important in golf than a relaxed state of mind, and the comfortable feel of 2Putt’s Stinger hoodie has aided my mental game this fall

2Putt’s hoodies are all about comfort, coming in four no-frills, solid color options with just one small logo on the left shoulder section. Last weekend, I teed off on a low-50’s, foggy fall morning, perfect hoodie weather. Feeling remarkably comfortable in my new hoodie, I got off to a great start on the first several holes. Admittedly, I was a little worried that the hood would flop around and cause distraction during the swing, but to my delight the soft material allowed it to settle onto my back nicely without becoming a nuisance.

I was able to make a relaxed, loose swing in my comfortable 2Putt Hoodie with minimal annoyance from the hood

Once the fog lifted, however, temps quickly shot up into the low 70’s and I took off the hoodie. I could’ve worn it longer, as it has lightweight material and breathes well enough to prevent overheating in moderate temps. And I wish I had kept it on for at least a few more holes, since my game instantly fell off a cliff once I stripped down to a polo (okay, so maybe the state of my swing had a little to do with that in addition to my clothing).

Visors and Headware

Most of you probably know a “Visor Guy,” that one person who always wears a visor instead of a traditional hat at your home course or club. And it usually works out quite well for them, fitting their hair style and persona while keeping their head cool (literally) during a hot round.

Wearing a visor is definitely a bold move in the men’s golf fashion world. They don’t look great on everyone, and if you decide to rock one then you better make sure the look fits you. I’m not a Visor Guy, but if I were, I would spring for 2Putt’s “Sink It White” visor. Its ball-and-putter logo is the perfect type of fun look for a visor, and I happily tried one on in the middle of a recent round.

Even though visors don’t really fit my personal style, I still think the Sink It White looks better on me than any other I’ve tried:

Right after I threw on my 2Putt visor to take a photo, I had a chip-in birdie. Maybe I should become a Visor Guy after all?

If the visor still isn’t for you, 2Putt also offers a line of conventional hats, and their full line of headware just might have the look you’ve been seeking.


2Putt offers high-quality accessories to give your gear consistency in look with what you’ll be wearing on the course. After years of accumulating accessories, all with different logos and styles, I think I’ve finally found the brand that I can build a full suite of accessories around in a cohesive way.

The 2putt golf towel features a large, black logo that will stand out even after getting some dirt on it:

The giant 2Putt logo adorned on its golf towel will help round out your complete look on the course

I have always thought that putter covers are silly and unnecessary. That is, until I tried out 2Putt’s take on one. Its smooth look makes a putter look cool sitting in the bag. And yes, now that I have one, I admit that it’s nice to have a soft, thick covering over the putter face to avoid damage from scuffing with other clubs in the bag and to keep it dry during rounds in the rain.

2Putt’s putter cover meshes perfectly with my white golf bag

The valuables pouch is an interesting item that I’ve found to be quite useful. Having lacked a standard spot to stow away my phone, keys and wallet during a round, this pouch is ideal to store all of them in a relable and safe space.

2Putt’s valuables pouch comes in black and white options, like most of its other accessories

Last but not least, even though I didn’t request them, 2Putt sent me a sleeve of their branded golf balls which I thought was a really nice touch. Once again, the 2Putt logo looks really sweet, and I found the feel of the ball to be excellent around the greens thanks to its soft cover.

Closing Thoughts

It is truly amazing to see so many new brands hitting the golf scene with each passing year. In a market that’s becoming ever so saturated, new companies have to aggressively differentiate themselves with cutting-edge design, exceptional craftsmanship and trendy style. I believe that 2Putt is one of those brands, featuring a fun look and high-quality products.

Additionally, 2Putt’s products are very reasonably priced, especially with the 15% discount currently offered on new purchases through WiscoGolfAddict (code: WISCO15). If you’re looking for a brand that speaks to your golfing self, or are simply looking to complement your existing apparel and gear, I think 2Putt is worth a shot.

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