TecTecTec ULT-S Pro & Team8: A Perfect Pair for the Course

Since reviewing the KLYR Rangefinder last year I have had TecTecTec on my radar as a quality brand when it comes to rangefinders and accessories. When I had the opportunity to test the all new ULT-S Pro Rangefinder and Team8 Speaker I was very excited to see the very latest from this company in action.


The ULT-S Pro is TecTecTec’s top-of-the line rangefinder. This model provides all the features and functionality you would expect from a premium rangefinder with an added bonus (more on that later).

Textured grip and rugged construction

The key features on the ULT-S Pro are listed below:

  • LED RED Display

The ULT-S Pro was both fast and accurate throughout my testing. Locking in on pins and instant readings were never an issue for this device and I was very impressed with its weight and feel.

Slope readings are activated by pulling the front of the unit.

The one aspect of the ULT-S Pro that I would change would be the slope activation. In order to turn the slope on or off you pull the front of the unit out exposing a red stripe. Although this is easy to activate I found it getting turned off quite easily by accident when setting the unit back in the bag or cart between shots.

The Bonus

The feature I was most anxious to test on the ULT-S Pro was the optical stabilization. This technology is something you won’t find in most rangefinders on the market, though it is one of the most frequent complaints I hear on the course.

Take a look at the video below to see just how image stabilization works:

After testing the optical stabilization for a few rounds I was extremely impressed with its performance. I didn’t really notice it activate but rather felt like I could more easily lock onto pins and the image stayed steady. With other rangefinders I really have to be conscious of standing still or bracing myself to get an accurate reading.

The real test, in my opinion, was letting my father try it. An avid 73-year-old golfer, he has always struggled to use rangefinders as even the slightest shake would prevent him from getting a pin reading. Using a rangefinder without stabilization first, and then using the ULT-S Pro, he noticed the difference right away. The ability for him to actually find pins and to do it quickly was fun for me to watch. I felt like he got confidence back in his game and he wasn’t afraid to use a rangefinder anymore.

Team8 Speaker

When I first saw the Team8 speaker at the PGA Show in 2023 I was drawn to its compact size and built-in magnet. The Team8 is a great solution to have some music on the course without toting a large or bulky speaker. I keep mine in my bag at all times so I am ready to jam whether walking or riding. The sound quality and volume are very impressive for its size, and the Bluetooth connection provides a great range to walk away from your phone. While a Bluetooth speaker may not seem like an amazing new gadget for the course, the Team8 is concealing more functionality that elevates this device above ordinary speakers.

The strong magnet attaches to carts and provides plenty of volume

The Team8 can be paired with the TecTecTec app on your phone to turn it into a powerful GPS device. Hole yardages, hazards and green information are all available at the click of a button on the Team8 when paired. The voice readout can he heard loud and clear and I found it to be extremely helpful and efficient. Wearing the Team8 on my waist with the included magnet let me access data immediately and speed up my pace of play. I also enjoyed having a little music that followed me.

Wear the Team8 for the ultimate GPS assistant and music companion

I really am excited about this combo from TecTecTec whenever I head to the course. Having quality equipment that’s easy to use and provides accurate data is a game changer. The last thing you want to be doing is tinkering with your accessories when focusing on your game. Most importantly, if you are someone who has been reluctant to get a rangefinder due to shakiness, the ULT-S Pro is exactly what you need.

Visit the TecTecTec site to grab this winning pair of devices today:

TecTecTec Website

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