Boomin Belts: Bring the Noise

Few new products have me as pumped on the first tee as my Boomin Belt. The novelty of a speaker built into a belt is what first attracted me to this product. With more rounds of golf being accompanied by music the Boomin Belt is the perfect accessory to bring the party with you wherever you go.

Getting Started

The Boomin Belt is currently offered in a black or gray color. I personally opted for the gray color scheme as I could see it going with more of the apparel in my closet. The belt comes extra-long to fit any waist and must be sized and cut. Since the belt is made of a semi-stretchy material I would recommend making it rather snug when looping around your waist.

The belt is secured using two pins which must be twisted and interlocked. Although I never had the belt come unbuckled, I felt like this connection method could be improved upon. I’ve found that the best way to ensure the belt stays hooked is to have it nice and tight around your waist.

View of locking mechanism

Pairing the Bluetooth speaker was self-explanatory and I had music cranking within 10 seconds. Inside the house, the sound of the speaker was great, but the true test was getting it out on the course.

Out On The Course

Taking this belt to the course for the first time I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect as far as reactions, sound quality and overall connection performance. I knew the most important thing to do was have an amazing walk-up song. I think my choice of Thunderstruck was perfect and I backed it up with a perfect drive right down the middle. (See the video proof below)

The speaker and belt would not draw any attention until someone heard the music coming from your waist.

I found the belt to be quite comfortable throughout my round and never had any issues with the speaker being in the way during any type of shot.

The belt also includes a magnetic buckle and clip in case you don’t want to wear the speaker all round.

Gray Buckle

Off The Belt

The Boomin Belt doesn’t always have to be worn as a belt buckle. The built-in magnet allows the speaker to attach to your cart or the included clip. I found myself using the clip to attach the speaker to my bag, but it could also be used for ladies or men that are not wearing a belt.

Magnetic Clip

The magnetic connection on the cart was solid, in my opinion, and the overall light weight of the speaker made me feel confident that it wouldn’t fall off. The controls on top of the speaker allow you to start, stop, skip and adjust the volume without needing to touch your phone.


So the big question is “How does the Boomin Belt speaker compare to a ‘typical’ Bluetooth speaker you may find out on the course?” You can see in the picture below that the Boomin Belt is much smaller than traditional speakers, but it still is mighty. I found the volume level to be loud enough for my partner and me while riding in a cart and about 20-30 feet away.

The battery is advertised to last 6 hours on full volume and I found myself making it through 2 full rounds before charging. This of course includes starting and stopping music on holes and having the volume on lower levels.


The Bluetooth connection to the speaker allowed for what I would consider a pretty standard range. You could leave your phone in the cart and walk to the teebox without worry. If you are someone like me who has a million apps going on your phone during your round you may not want to have a speaker connected via Bluetooth. This is where the Boomin Belt speaker offers a “differentiator” in my opinion: The speaker comes with 4GB of internal storage to download your favorite music. Just connect the speaker to your computer and drag and drop. I am a huge fan of this after watching my phone die time after time on the course. The playlist can be started easily from the speaker controls and you never have to give it a second thought.

Ready to Bring the Noise?

While the Boomin Belt may appear as a novelty I feel that it is actually a great idea for golfers. The flexibility of the speaker to be used on or off the belt makes this such a good all-in-one solution. Once your group gets its chuckles in they will all be asking where they can buy one and you can send them right to the link below to get their own!

Boomin Belt

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3 thoughts on “Boomin Belts: Bring the Noise

  1. I have an alternate view to your enthusiastic review. For those of us who DO NOT listen to music on the golf course, this is a terrible product. Yes, if paired with a music player, I’ll ask to turn it down.

    1. Crazy how this has only become an issue over the past 5-10 years as golf enthusiasts have started bringing music out on the course. It’s my opinion players should ask if their partners are okay with music, and if not then don’t play it or keep it low in their cart. Not something anyone had to think about 10 years ago, but it’s not an unreasonable point of view or ask as we should all be allowed to enjoy golf.

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