ECCO BIOM Tour: My Favorite Shoe Brand Just Got Better

Ever since getting my first pair of BIOM Hybrids over ten years ago, ECCO has been my favorite golf shoe brand.

I’ve had BIOM Hybrids, BIOM G5’s, BIOM C4’s and several other models, and they’ve all been luxuriously comfortable right out of the box and have performed exceptionally. They hold up over time and look great; it’s a brand I cannot stress enough is worth the extra investment to get your toes into.

  • ECCO Biom G5's (2023)
  • ECCO BIOM Hybrids (~ 2010)

When ECCO announced their 2024 product line this past September, I had to get my hands on the all-new BIOM Tours.

As with all ECCO golf shoes, these felt incredible from the first wear. They have a great look, are 100% waterproof and feature the brand’s flagship premium leather, a phorene midsole to remain light and balanced but with a soft feel that provides bounce and energy return, a snug fit that’s low to the ground and a washable Ortholite insole to provide plush cushioning that will never cause foot discomfort.

Arriving late in the season, my first wears of the spiked BIOM Tours have been in colder weather with soft turf. With a melded insole and outsole (nothing is stitched or glued to protect against any elements getting in), they’re fully waterproof so my feet and especially toes have never gotten wet or cold – a rarity amongst golf shoes that when you’ve tried and failed with enough brands while playing in damp conditions is especially impressive.

One thing I love about the new BIOM Tours is the Ortholite foam inlay. It wraps slightly around the perimeter of your foot, providing a cushioned feel while retaining breathability. It can also be removed if you have wider feet to provide extra width.

I’ve even worn these several times while blowing leaves off our yard. Our property is very hilly, and the traditional All Birds I like to wear around the house can be unstable and almost lead to ankle turns (I’ve sprained my right ankle over ten times playing sports growing up, so that one’s especially susceptible), and ECCO’s BIOM Natural Motion technology delivers terrific ankle support and stability which I appreciate a ton.

So what is BIOM? The acronym, a mainstay for ECCO golf shoes, stands for Biomechanical Optimization and promotes natural foot movement with a feel almost like running barefooted. The technology was developed through research of over 2,500 world-class athletes, including world champion triathletes, and is intended to activate the foot’s ability to absorb shock, keep the feet and lower legs straight and move naturally while fitting like a glove.

BIOM lasts are designed to match the anatomical curves of the foot, and an absorbent PU material is injected into the shoe mold to help retain shock absorbency while feeling light and cushioned, even with a low-to-the-ground profile that allows the foot to react naturally to the contours of terrain.

BIOM’s midsole, developed to match the natural contours of the foot

The technology emphasizes natural biomechanics to promote straightening of the feet and lower legs with every step, providing forward movement, power and push. While some of it may be coincidental, it’s no surprise to me that my rounds where I’ve driven the ball farther than any others have all seemed to be while wearing ECCO BIOM golf shoes. During the round I emphasized in my last post, for example, on the BIOM G5’s, I had drives in the fairway of 310 (drivable par four), 346 and 352 yards (thank you for all the great data, Arccos Caddie!).

Numbers like that are incredible for me.

The BIOM Tours have classic styling – very similar, in my opinion, to my old Nike TW ’14’s I still love wearing from time to time in inclement weather. I think these will perform as well or better than those in the rain, though I’m much more selective these days about when I head out for golf. These will definitely be making our upcoming trip to Bandon, though.

If you’re like me and love ultra-premium golf brands like Vessel, Stewart, Holderness & Bourne, Greyson, Peter Millar, Seamus, Ororo, Bushnell, Cobalt and others, then ECCO should be your go-to shoe brand.

At $190 MSRP, the BIOM Tours are less expensive than the C4’s, G5’s and S-Threes and compare very favorably in feel and performance, making them a terrific value for a high-end shoe you’ll enjoy wearing on the golf course for many years to come.

Get your first, or next, pair of ECCO golf shoes on their website

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