Blue Tees Rangefinder Magnetic Strap: The Greatest Accessory You Had No Idea You Need

What do you get the golfer who has everything? They don’t need more balls, the shirts you bought them last still have the tags on them, and they have more golf shoes than you can count. The easiest answer… a Magnet.

The thing you never knew you needed

If you are like me your rangefinder finds a variety of homes over the course of the round. The cupholder, cart basket, seat, random bag pockets all become temporary homes for you to frantically search when it’s time to play your shot.

It wasn’t until I played a round last year with a friend that I realized the power of the magnet. As we pulled up to the first hole he took out his rangefinder and casually snapped it to the metal bar on the front of the cart. “Wow,” I thought, that is cool. Honestly, I was a little worried that thing was going to fall off, but it didn’t even flinch the entire round as we hit bumps, bridges and hard stops. I watched how easily my partner grabbed his finder and placed it back in the same spot and thought I really need that. 


Even if you don’t have a Blue Tees rangefinder this strap will fit on almost any rangefinder on the market. There are a few features that I like about this strap: 

  1. The band is a stretchy elastic that makes me feel like I am getting a tight fit around my rangefinder. 
  2. The velcro is not some cheap kind that pills and frays, and I don’t feel like it is ever going to come apart. 
  3. The magnet is STRONG. I did not have a single worry about the rangefinder falling off during a round. 

I have purchased and previously used some of the cheap magnetic straps you can get off amazon or other places and honestly I wouldn’t waste your money. They fall right off the cart and feel so cheaply made. This is a high quality product and the golfer in your life will appreciate that. If they already have a different brand range finder that is fine. This will fit on 99% of the models out there. Below is a picture of it on a Bushnell V3.

On the Course 

I took the Blue Tees Magnetic Strap out on the course to run it through its paces. I paired it with my Blue Tees Series 2 rangefinder and away I went. There was a reassuring “snap” when I clipped the rangefinder on the cart the first time, but I still watched it carefully for the first few holes. I tried everything to shake it loose and short of flipping the cart I could not make it fall off. When using the rangefinder I did notice the magnet and strap in my hand as it was something not there before, but after the 3rd hold I forgot it was there. 

Below is a video of the magnet in action. No concern with it moving when hitting a bumpy bridge or any other terrain on the course.

Yes, you need this! 

This is honestly the perfect stocking stuffer for the golfer in your life. They will totally appreciate the quality, look, and practicality of this gift and you can be assured that they will use it every round they play next year. 

You can buy the Blue Tees Rangefinder Magnetic Strap here – use code “Wisco” for 10% off your order!

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