Mr. Heater: Warm Up Your Golf Cart

It’s April 1st and a glimmer of hope appears in the form of the first 40 degree day. You scramble quick to call your local course hoping they will start to let people out. Success, you have a tee time at 10am on Saturday.

You run to the basement, swipe the cobwebs from the golf bag and find the thickest golf pullover you can. These first spring rounds are a battle of the elements as much as they are a battle to remember your swing.

When you get to the course the first cold breeze snaps across your face and you are already regretting coming out. Maybe I can hibernate for another month and play when it’s 50, but the golfer inside of you is too anxious to play. You are going to power through the round no matter what but you don’t have to suffer, out comes the Mr. Heater Golf Cart Heater.

First Impressions

Unboxing this unit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as far as the actual size. It’s a little bit bigger than I expected from the pictures but that is honestly probably a good thing. The weight is a little hefty but since this will just sit in a cup holder that is not an issue in my opinion. The unit is a combination of plastic and metal but feels very solid and well made. 


Before you are ready to operate this product take a look at the instruction manuals. You are dealing with gas and fire to make this work. That being said, there are enough built-in safety features that I had no apprehension about using this. Make sure to run to the store and pick up the fuel you will need. This unit runs off a bottle of propane which you can find at any camping or hardware store.

I bought 2 bottles at Menards for $4.50 each. I found connecting the bottle and lighting the pilot light to be straightforward when following the instructions.

First Light 

The first time I lit the unit I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The instructions said to hold down the on switch for 60 seconds but what I was looking for I wasn’t sure. I held my ear by the heater and I could hear gas flowing so I let go of the ignition. I waited about 30 seconds and I could see the coils starting to heat up! 

In the Cart

Sliding the bottle into the cupholder base unit I was a little worried about it being top heavy. That was definitely NOT the case. It fit snugly into the cupholder and it was secure for the entire trip.

I made sure to go over bridges and brake fast a couple of times and while my water bottle went flying the heater didn’t move an inch. When I played with this unit it was quite windy a couple times and the heater shut off. I am not sure if this was due to the wind or some other factor but I was able to relight instantly.

The front of the unit is metal and got hot to the touch but not in such a way that I would worry about burns if I brushed up against it or if a piece of clothing touched it.


And now the most important question… is this going to keep you from turning into a snowman on the course.. (I cannot guarantee it will keep a snowman off your scorecard!)

I can say this was a difference maker playing in cold weather. I could visibly see the heat coming off the unit when I returned to the cart from the tee box and the cart itself felt warm.

It is hard to heat mother nature, so I feel like a lot of heat escapes quickly when driving between shots. I typically kept my hands in front of the unit while my partner drove and that alone defrosted me enough for the next shot.

I used the heater for a 9-hole round and based on the weight used up about half a bottle of propane. So, figure you will just squeak out a full 18 holes on a single bottle, which is not bad in my opinion.

Yes, get this thing

If you or the golfer in your life has a tropical soul but is stuck in the frozen north they need this thing! At a little under $100 this is such a great gift that will get plenty of use.

I never thought I would need something like this. Now I can’t imagine not having it on any day under 55 degrees. I think if you paired this with a cart cover you would have the perfect combination for battling the elements. Several people out on the course asked about the unit and were very jealous of the cart micro-climate I had created.

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